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  • poseidon_dude poseidon_dude Sep 26, 2013 12:35 PM Flag


    Interesting article at anadtech discussing Mantle.

    Some comments:

    klagermkii - Thursday, September 26, 2013 - link
    Yeah, so you have Mantle and DX, one of those two ends up being the primary platform it gets developed towards and it gets ported to the other. If you played Glide and DirectX games you remember how rubbish the DX versions were. I remember Wing Commander: Prophecy when I sold my Voodoo 1 to get a TNT2, and it looked terrible afterwards. Part of that is how immature DX was, but also the developer is only going to go to put in so much work to support a less popular platform.

    "Err what do you expect MS to do here?"

    What I expect is for them to have developers for the Xbox One write to DirectX rather than writing to Mantle just like they have for all their previous consoles. It allows for easier ports to standard Windows and gives DirectX traction over Mantle. They certainly have control over that as part of their certification process, but from the tone of this article it sounds like they're making Mantle a core API on the console itself.

    You say developers would "HAVE to continue having DX support", but that DirectX support could get pretty poor. Sure of the total game playing market on PC, AMD and NVIDIA may be 30% of the market each with Intel being the other 40% (thumb suck numbers), and based on that the developer would split their resources between DX and Mantle. But if they're targeting Xbox One, PS4 and PC the non-AMD portion of that starts looking very small and the amount of work they do on the DX path could correspondingly suffer.

    BrutalPigeon - Thursday, September 26, 2013 - link
    If I would be in a Nvidia camp, I would be very worried...

    Gloomy - Thursday, September 26, 2013 - link
    Better get Nridia of your Nvidia.

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    • It's basically AMD's low level code answer to CUDA, I guess two can play that game. Only AMD is always more open source, but this is really nice because it really caters to AMD's 8 core CPUs as well.

    • Then there's the true story about Mickey Mantle & Coach Billy Martin when the NY Yankee baseball team bought & gifted Billy a new high powered rifle. Billy was estatic with his new gun and wanted to shoot it really bad. So, Micky Mantle offered to arrange a date with a friend who owned a ranch so coach Billy Martin could try out his new gun. Mantle warned Billy the ranch was a 5 hour drive and they would have to leave at 2 A.M. if they wanted to arrive at the ranch in time for some quality deer hunting. Billy agreed. Upon arriving at the ranch Mickey Mantle suggested Billy wait in the car while he let his friend know they had indeed arrived safely at the ranch. Mickey was greeted at the front door by his friend who then inquired about who Mickey had brought with him to go hunting ? When Mickey replied he had Coach Billy Martin with him, the rancher became excited and said he sure would like to meet Billy Martin ! Mickey said he'd introduce his friend to the coach but said first he wanted to play a joke on his coach. Mickey Mantle then explained to his friend that he wanted to go back to the car and tell Billy Martin that after a long 5 hour drive to the ranch that his friend declined to let them hunt on his property. The plan was agreed and put into action. So Mickey Mantle stormed back to the car pretending to be all upset. Billy asked what was he so upset about ? (continued)

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      • So Mickey Mantle stormed back to the car pretending to be all upset. Billy asked what was he so upset about ? Mickey just asked for his gun and the coach handed it to him while asking Mickey what was he going to do with the gun ?? Mickey explained they had driven all that way to hunt and now they weren't allowed so Mickey said he was going to go out back behind the barn and shoot a couple of his friend's cows ! Billy anxiously told Mickey not to shoot the cows, but Mickey stormed off. When Mickey disappeared behind the barn he shot a couple rounds harmlessly into the air.... However, immediately afterwards Mickey was surprised when he heard several more shots and turned around to see Billy just finish shooting his gun and exclaimed, "What are you doing Billy ?!!!"

        Billy quickly replied, " I'm mad too and just shot five of his cows !!!!!"

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