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  • jupiter_symphony33 jupiter_symphony33 Nov 16, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    the truth about bashers - MM who was a msg board basher

    recently there was a post here "are paid bashers a myth"? whether or not paid bashers are a myth or not does not matter. bashers do exist and they are extremely corrupt people. whether they are getting paid by others or paid by a short position that they try to defend by lies and manipulation doesn't matter. it is now common practice for people to check message boards before investing in a stock. they look for recent information and try to gauge sentiment this way. not all of these are savvy investors who know the wall street "Game." They may be people who like a company and want to put money into it. The aim of bashers is to scare new investors from putting money into stocks like AMD by by keeping up a 24/7 stream of slander, negative remarks and distorted information on msg boards. they are corrupt, deceitful, ugly souls and there is a place in hell for those who act in such a way.

    Below I am going to post a news report about an MM who was also a basher during the dotcom era. I hope both the bashers on this board and their victims who have lost money as a result of their panic campaigns will read carefully this cautionary tale.

    part 1

    MM caught bashing, along with Broker.
    Company Finds Surprise Critic Among Message-Board Posters

    A Miami company that has been relentlessly hammered by anonymous
    critics on the Internet has identified a surprising enemy among them:
    a trader at a securities firm that makes a market in its stock.

    Quest Net says it has won a court order from a Florida state judge barring
    Jerry Rosen, a trader at J. Alexander Securities, from continuing
    to post "false and defamatory"
    statements about the Internet service provider. Mr. Rosen, the company
    contends, posted messages on a Raging Bull message board
    under the alias

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I like Kitty cats, AMD not so good, AMD, so doooooooooooooomed

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • pessemist Nov 20, 2013 3:25 PM Flag

      I bash AMD stock because it is a bad investment. No other reason.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Nov 20, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

      Apocryphal nonsense.

      Nobody needs to "bash" AMD. it does it all by itself.

      See the latest 8-K filing.

    • Just a reminder!

    • Here you go "rorycan'tread!

    • pessemist Nov 18, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

      What about 'Pumpers' pushing stocks with no merit? Seriously, AMD is a penny stock for a reason, and pointing out that reason does not make one a basher.

    • Yahoo is deleting my messages so I can't post the full article. Going to try again here.

      part 2

      The court order, along with a confidential settlement with Mr. Rosen, is an
      interesting development in a cyberlibel lawsuit the company filed
      Feb. 17 against five of its
      message-board critics. It's highly unusual for a company to face criticism
      from among the ranks of its market maker. After all, the market
      maker maintains an inventory in the stock using its own money.

      "Stock brokers have been named in past cases," says Blake Bell, a New
      York lawyer who tracks cyberlibel suits."But this is the first time
      a company's market maker has been

      Market makers are responsible for maintaining an orderly, or liquid, market
      in a stock, standing ready to buy or sell shares even when no one else will. According to the National Association of Securities Dealers, J. Alexander, based in Los Angeles, is the seventh-largest dealer in Quest Net stock.

      Mr. Rosen, who lives in Miami and consented to the court order, declines to comment on the settlement or the court order, which was issued March 23 by Judge Thomas S.
      Wilson. Quest Net's lawyer, Bob Pearce, also declines to discuss the case. "We have settled with Mr. Rosen and wish to move on," he says. James Alexander, president of J.
      Alexander, says the matter with Quest Net has been resolved and declined to comment further.

      In its original lawsuit, Quest Net had named only one of the defendants, David Engel, a former marketing manager at the company who, according to the suit, was fired on Feb.
      4. The other four were identified by their online aliases.

      The company hasn't disclosed how it linked Mr. Rosen and Cats3. But companies usually identify anonymous posters through records subpoenaed from message board operators
      and Internet access providers. But even before the lawsuit an online poster had provided a lead, naming Mr. Rosen as Cats3.

      to be continued...

      • 2 Replies to jupiter_symphony33
      • The crybaby bashers don't like to be exposed! So, when you and others post facts like these, they run to Yahoo! You see, ALL they want is these message boards to be is a place where they can vent their complete 100% un-denying hate towards AMD. Regardless of the slander and lies, they feel this forum should be ONLY a place where can bash and that's it. Most other tech sites where they plaster their Nvidia and intel fanboyism to an extreme are deleted. So they come here in hopes they can continue to spread their hate and FUD for AMD. AMD IS competitor to Nvidia and intel, these fanboys don't believe in fair competition and never will. They should be exposed for their abuse.

      • part 3

        final part of the MM as message board basher saga:

        Quest Net's lawsuit, in general, alleges its online critics were short-sellers out to hurt the company's stock for financial gain. Short-sellers sell borrowed stock, hoping profit by replacing it with shares bought later at
        a lower price. The company is seeking unspecified damages
        and a court injunction ordering the defendants to cease their activities.

        The company alleged in the lawsuit that Mr. Rosen, through the online alias
        Cats3, was actively involved in posting false, derogatory and hurtful messages about the company.
        Cats3 has referred to the company as a "dog" and has posted messages discouraging investors from buying its stock.

        Cats3 posted a dozen messages about Quest Net from Jan. 21 to Feb. 28 on Raging Bull. One cited in the lawsuit suggested someone was trying to inflate the company's
        stock price. "Quit pumping this dog and get a real life," it said. "How much are they paying you to pump this stock????"

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