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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Jan 21, 2014 11:55 PM Flag

    They target the stop orders after hours to create a panic sell

    In my opinion only, I listened to the 4th quarter earnings. We went from losing $467 million to make a profit of $89 million this quarter. That is 12 cents a share. They plan on being profitable this year. They have a 38% increase in their products. This was a very good report. The first quarter this year will be slow like all businesses after Christmas and New Year's and before taxes. People usually do not buy the first quarter of this year because it is a weak quarter. The market BS analysts took this thing down after hours to 3.68 by releasing stop orders. In fact I am going to contact the FTC and file a complaint about how they are trying to manipulate this stock by releasing stop orders. They are trying to create a panic sale. I recommend everybody listen to the conference call and everybody file a complaint with the FTC about this illegal manipulation that they are doing.
    How could you go from losing 467 million dollars to making $89 million profit this quarter and the stock tanks after hours. If this is not manipulation what is? This was a great earnings report this should have taken off this should be trading anywhere from 6 to 8 dollars due to the fantastic quarter they provided. I recommend everybody to listen to conference call and file a complaint with FTC for illegal actions they are doing. This is big time BS.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 22, 2014 12:25 AM Flag

      They just made all the "profit" they're going to make this year. It's red from here onward. And don't expect any buyouts or windfalls or magic bullets. Just a long, slow sink to the bottom.

    • I am going to watch tv instead. No one can stop the wolves of wall street. We all have to live with them. Too bad.

    • If there is one true analyst, this stock price will switch gear from R to D.

    • Assuming you really are the master of wall street, you should already know how the game is played. But you probably just wanted to let off some steam.

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      • In my opinion only, I know how the game is played and it is not fair. They come out with BS articles and BS lawsuits several days before earnings. They try to create a panic sale. That failed. The stock is still moving in the right direction. When earnings came out, all these BS analysts proved they were incompetent. Not only did we beat the estimates by 100% but our future for this stock and their products is way undervalued and underpriced. Their last attempt to save face is they sabotaged the stock by releasing stop orders so they can say we were right. They are incompetent fools. It will come back and bite them in the #$%$. I am following a complaint with the FTC and I am demanding that they look into these activities I recommend everybody else do the same. By filing a complaint with the FTC and asking them investigate and with so many complaints they can not ignore us. If we all file a complaint with the FTC and request that they investigate these activities they have no other choices but to comply.

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    • And what is the P/E? $5 divided by .06 per quarter! That's a P/E of 20.8 "Forward". Knowing that consoles are going to slow down, I would be scared of that Price to earnings Ratio. It's not going to $5 per share yet. They need to integrate into the wireless market soon.

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