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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Feb 16, 2014 10:21 PM Flag

    Surprise surprise surprise

    In my opinion only there are a couple of big surprises that came out this week. The results and the benchmark of AMD Kaveri creamed the Intel competition. That came out this week. They had their graphic cards Radeon R9 290X is selling for $900. that is over 35% of retail price. Customers are willing to pay top dollar for their products. They are willing to pay over 35% of the retail price because they are so high in demand and most of them are sold out. We had a few new Youtube videos on AMD. If you go to Youtube and type in AMD it will give all of the AMD videos. One amazing video that I watched was the introduction of the first 64 bit ARM based server CPU. It reminds me of Steve Jobs when he introduced the new IPod. You could actually see a clip of it from the movie Steve Jobs. It is such an amazing thing to have 10,000 songs on one small device that could fit in your pocket. Watching the new release of the ARM 64 bit server blew me away. I never imagined it being so small, compact and powerful. It would save the customer millions of dollars in energy costs and you have to consider the size of it too. You are saving a ton of money on space. This thing is slightly bigger than the IPhone. As I listened to the video I was captivated. You have to go on Youtube and watch and listen to the presentation. It will kill Intel. In my opinion only with all of the surprising news something big might be happening. It is especially true when it is a long weekend and the market is closed for President's Day. Wouldn't that be funny and amazing that it could get bought out Tuesday morning with all of this great news? What are the possibilities of this happening? there was just too much good news this weekend. The weekend is longer because of President's Day. The shorts will have 24 hours of Hell hoping and praying that they can cover. Also what will be available is the ARM 64 bit server kit. It is designed for programmers and developers. Surprise surprise Gomer Pyle

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    • No surprise DMF is trying to bury anything positive here with his BS.

    • it's too bad AMD didn't overcharge their cards...instead, they go for cut throat competition and screw up their bottom line. They could have done very well with these cards...but who knew.

    • Can you articulate how a take over would change AMD stock price, and by how much? If we extrapolate based on historical take overs: What would the acquisition of AMD by a well known, powerful company do for the average AMD shareholder?

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      • I would go against take over or buyout when now we can see the bright future. Can we make huge money within a couple of years from a company like AMD? I rather want to relax for a couple of years and come to rake up the huge rewards. I personally have strong confidence in AMD and see it as one of the life time opportunity for the ordinary investors.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Feb 17, 2014 3:43 PM Flag

      Idiots who are falling for the fallacy of cryptocurrency are buying AMD's cards. Until the first ASIC to do Litecoin comes out. Then you'll see thousands of AMD cards available for nothing on Craigslist.

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      • lol most people already made their money back in mining cryptocurrency.

      • In my opinion only, you better hope and pray to cover tomorrow because there is a lot of good news floating around. The company is keeping it quiet. MSN put an article saying it was the #1 stock that could double in 2014. Isn't it weird that all these institutions are buying Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, Oppenheimer Funds and Black Rock and they are huge institutions. Among the four of them it is over $300 million in shares. With the graphc cards selling as fast as they are selling, it does not matter why they are selling. They are so hot and they are in so much demand and people are paying over 40% more than the retail price for them. Who is the idiot for shorting it? How much do you have to lose if you can not cover? Go on Youtube and watch the video on AMD 64 bit ARM server. You would be amazed y how small, compact and powerful it is. This will revolutionize the server industry and will kill Intel. This is the most amazing video I saw in the technology field today. The new rising giant is the new leader with cutting-edge technology and a brighter tomorrow future. It could possibly be the next Apple.

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