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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Apr 10, 2014 9:23 PM Flag

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    In my opinion only, we have less than four days of trading before earnings come out. Let us break this down in a simple format and analyze the stock piece by piece so we all come to a rational decision about the true value of the stock. Number one the stock is heavily shorted over 120 million shares or more have been shorted of this stock. The ones with common sense will try to cover before earnings. The market is closed on Friday and earnings come out on Thursday next week 17th. That gives you four days to cover your short position. We all know the Playstation 4 is still selling like hotcakes and is heavily in demand. They sold a few million units this quarter. You have got XBox One in demand, MacPro which is backordered until May. They have just released a supercomputer that s the fastest and the best on the market. They just released a CPU chip and they are gaining over 30% in graphics on this market which they will be selling commercially, medical, gamers and military. They are making customized designer chips that will be put in cell phones, TV, laptops, consoles..ect. They have the ARM 64 bit server way ahead of the competition. This company is so undervalued and underpriced it is not even funny. In my pinion only, hey will beat earnings estimates and the company could possibly go between 40 to 50% higher with a great outlook on the future earnings. This company is a leader with a vision in this field. The new AMD the new rising giant for a brighter future.

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