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  • metropath metropath Jun 23, 1999 8:29 PM Flag

    75 , 80?

    PIII/550 sell at 744 per unit, K7/550 sell at 475
    per unit.
    PIII/500 sell at 482 per unit, K7/500
    sell at 342 per unit.
    PIII/600 sell at ??? per
    unit, K7/600 sell at 699 per unit.
    It is 30%
    discount!!! Do you know what it means............
    It is bloody.

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    • Disgusting prices, that what the K7 prices look
      like. 30% discount - what a crock. Tell me AMD, do you
      think that Intel doesn't price its Pentium IIIs
      carefully? Don't you think Intel KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING?
      So why the f* don't you just follow their

      Numbskulls (management, not engineers).

    • ...Has an AMD chip in it, luvs it, runs GRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAEEEET!

    • This is a joke right? I'm sorry but you are
      simply delusional! AMD has a management problem for
      starters. If you can't see that by now, you are indeed very
      blind. Secondly INTC management is good enough to squash
      AMD underfoot, which they are obviously doing. We'll
      see how much trouble INTC is in once they release
      their PROFIT for the quarter. AMD can cut prices all
      they want, but INTC can cut more if they need to.
      Bottom line is that INTC will take care of it's
      shareholders...AMD will not!


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