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  • vinhxle vinhxle Apr 13, 2000 12:11 PM Flag


    INTC 407 Billion dollars mkcap, AMD only 11 Billion dollars Mkcap. INTC can buy AMD anytime they want, AMD is not...sell AMD is a good idea, buy INTC is good future..

    • As many astute tech analysts have said: "AMD and INTC can easily co-exist." There is plenty of market out there. What is good for INTC is also good for AMD

    • Look at the numbers. Like you said. Intc has over
      a 400 billion market cap and Amd only has 11
      billion. My bet is Amd doubles to 20 billion in market cap
      before intc doubles to 800 billion!!!

      So many
      fools, can't take thier money fast

      Doesn't that show you what stock is the better buy here?
      Intel was the future and has arrived. The stock is over
      bought and they have a huge market cap. Do you think
      intel is going to a trillion in market cap any time
      soon? Get real.

      Amd will have a 100 billion cap
      when intel's cap is still in the 400 billion

      Evaluate that and tell me what Amd's stock price will be
      then? $1000+

      Amd is a money machine and handing
      out free money for the guys that want it.

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