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  • squeekinoutmethane squeekinoutmethane Nov 17, 2009 1:03 PM Flag

    Seen it a thousand times, kramer pump...

    then comes the dump. Come back next week and smell it.

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    • I am still floored at how much of a scam this stock is. Please, everyone, before you your own due diligence on this one. The numbers are all right there in front of you. As much as I can tell (and I am no expert), but what I think is going on (please, people feel free to correct me) is that some other entity/entities own about half of the company and shareholders own the other half. Now, the company has been making a lot of money (I am not entirely certain how...if the market crash has taught us anything it is that you can't rely on other people as an alibi - you have to research yourself). At any rate, they paid themselves egregious salaries, and have given shareholders very small amounts in relation to what they've stuffed their pockets with. Depsite this, they still have 80 million what they are trying to do is use that money in addition to raising money through the market to buy the other half (no doubt at a premium price so that the owners of the other half of the company make out good). That way, they taken everything out of the company and left the shareholders holding the bag.

      Now, here's the kicker...essentially what they sell is BS. You don't need a factory or patents to sell BS. So, the value in the company is the individuals who are there that are respected enough that their BS acutally means something. In my opinion, what they will likely do after they've pawned everything off to shareholders around the country is quit their jobs and go open up their own.

    • Only took 2 days to give it back this time.
      Boooooooooyhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa skeeeeedummies!!!

    • I wonder what Cramer makes from these companies CEO's coming on to his show.....seems a lot like Jay Leno bringing on certain stars right around movie openings and the like, as these shows seem to act more like a commercial, one would therefore assume that there is money being passed around behind the scenes.....regardless, I don't see a compeling story line behind this stock, also Yahoo shows a high insider and institutional percentage holders, so maybe they want to unload to the "retail" crowd.....good luck all!