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  • wyattkap wyattkap Apr 25, 2011 5:20 PM Flag

    June 2009 Numbers

    DOUBLE YO to you! You just made a comment from what I posted TODAY MORON-NOT 2009! Here it is again from TODAY:

    Charbro and any other basher: "Show us your resume! Show us how you created a company from ZERO and turned it into a Billion Dollar company in about 10 years!" DO YOU SEE SALES MENTIONED ANYWHERE????

    Do you just pull anything out of your BUTT to make you look NOT STUPID! You suffer from Ground Hog Day also??!!

    MAKE a SIMPLE NOTE that all the stores opened under Glenn's direction PRODUCED OVER $1 BILLION is sales the next year of business after he left! Should he get credit for that?? YES! WHY? He located all the store sites-He opened the stores-He trained the managers-salesmen-He set the budget for those stores-etc. etc. etc. But, you want to pick sh$# with your chicken, because you are one. A STUPID COWARD CHICKEN!

    GIVE US YOUR RESUME! Tell us how great you are and why anyone should believe a single word you say? I've asked you direct a half dozen times-TELL US YOUR STORY WITH COMMAND! NO-YOU HIDE LIKE A COWARD trashing people on the internet?? I offered twice to meet with you when I was in your town and YOU HIDE LIKE THE COWARD YOU ARE!!

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