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  • fmrpfemply fmrpfemply Jun 9, 2010 10:31 PM Flag

    wyattkap Trashes Labor Ready (TBI)

    wyattkap posted the following on 26-May-10 12:01 pm:

    “QUESTION: WHAT HAS Labor Ready done in the market for the past decade under these great folks???????? Almost ZERO GROWTH over a full DECADE…”

    AND on 27-May-10 06:01 pm you said:

    “LOOOOk at the current size of Labor Ready (TrueBlue)-It is ONLY (FIVE)5% larger than when Glen left the company 10 YEARS AGOOOOOOO!!! NOW Tell me I said ONE THING WRONG!!!”

    Your defense of Glenn (that’s with 2 n’s you fool) and your trashing of Labor Ready (TBI) is rather… remarkable.

    One thing you said wrong is your comparison of Labor Ready (TBI) to Grifter Won.

    Let me see if I understand your “analysis” correctly. According to the genius wyattkap, in the last 10 years Labor Ready (TBI) only grew by 5% and Command Center, Inc. “grew” by a negative <97.51%> LOSS.

    That sure looks like Labor Ready (TBI) out performed Glenn by 102.51%.

    08-Jun-2010 $.22 <97.51%> LOSS since NOVEMBER 2005
    24-May-2010 $.200 <97.74%> LOSS since NOVEMBER 2005
    24-Mar-2010 $.150 <98.31%> LOSS since NOVEMBER 2005
    29-Dec-2009 $.050 <99.44%> LOSS since NOVEMBER 2005
    25-N0v-2009 $.0725 <99.18%> LOSS since merger.
    22-May-2009 $0.06 <99.32%> LOSS since merger.
    20-May-2009 $0.09 <99.0%> LOSS since merger.
    28-Jan-2009 $0.11 <98.8%> LOSS since merger.
    05-Jan-2009 $0.15 <98.3%> LOSS since merger.
    31-Dec-2008 $0.17 <98.1%> LOSS since merger.
    31-Dec-2007 $1.85 <79.1%> LOSS since merger.
    29-Dec-2006 $5.05 <42.9%> LOSS since merger.
    30-Dec-2005 $8.00 <9.60%> LOSS since merger.”

    16-NOV-2005 $8.85 STOCK HIGH

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    • wyattkap says "I'm done posting on this board for now." How many times has he lied about that in the last several month?

      And he wonders why no one believes his crap!

    • wyattkap,

      Then you are again proven to be a downright LIAR. In an earlier post you said you were there at Labor Ready (TBI). Now you deny it. Many times you said you were leaving this board and yet... You are still posting your garbage. You are just a liar with an agenda to try to get this POS PIG up a few more pennies so you can suck some more of your penny stock income out without any concern for the viability of ccni.ob

      Get a tractor and pull your head out of Grifter Won's bu-t.

    • Brad: Not hardly. Again your reading between the lines is in the wrong ballpark. I'm done posting on this board for now. Own very little stock in my 401K and looking for a new entry point (should it present itself). Have a great summer and take a run at the selling pencils with dark sun glasses business model advice I've given you. It feels good to make your own money and not live off mom for a change.

    • You did say you were there when he was fired! You must have been fired when Grifter Won was fired for the theft of $3,500,000.00.

    • Why do any of you respond to wyattkap? It is clear he is a Grifter Won paid basher. Anyone with one brain cell can tell Command is a pig only a day trader could love.

    • Answer the question wyattkap... Why do you give Grifter Won the credit for Labor Readys (TBI) success over the last ten years when he was not there and then you blame everyone else for Grifter Won's failures with Command Center, Inc.?

      You did say you were there when he was fired! You must have been fired when Grifter Won was fired for the theft of $3,500,000.00.


      If you wonder why no one takes what you have to say seriously perhaps it is your inability to tell the truth consistently.

      On 14-Jul-10 @ 11:50 AM, you posted this statement:

      “You still don't see that Glen built LRW to the EXACT structure that generated the quarter $$$$billion$$$$ in profits…”

      Then, on 14-July-10 @ approx. 12:34 PM, you posted this statement:

      “But-I've never supported his close down of the sales force that caused lower sales in early 2000 that hurt the company bad…”

      For the record, it really is Glenn with two n’s.

    • wyattkap,

      It only took you 15+ years to spell "Glenn" correctly. Perhaps now we can work on your inability to comprehend the conflicts in your "RANTS".

    • Brad: You still don't see that Glen built LRW to the EXACT structure that generated the quarter $$$$billion$$$$ in profits you like to post & crow about. He was in command when EVERY LRW store was open that made that money for the company. When he left-they STOPPED the expensive growth business plan in its tracks(opened the door for competition that caused over 213 LRW stores to be closed over time) and watched the cash come in to fill their pockets (look at the accounting Brad). WOW-big business move! Stock has NEVER reach past 11 year highs.

      Why do we own stock Brad??? Maybe APPRECIATION in VALUE Brad! NOT IN LRW for over a decade. That is my ONLY POINT and you want to make an argument about it??? Get an education or Please fake that you are blind and sell pencils on the sidewalk in Oregon. You might make a profit doing that business model.

      To all the other flies quoting :Fraud perpetrated by Grifter Won for many YEARS. Where are the winning litigation's for your support. You've all been blowing this poop for YEARS!!! IF remotely true-Glenn would have been gone YEARS ago via SEC violations or your litigations. He is still there and you ALL are not. That SPEAKS VOLUMES in where the truth lies. YOU are all gone and fired for being stupid people (added proof is in all the posting you do on this board with stupid name calling. A great Exhibit #1 for any case in favor of Glenn.)-he still Commands the ship after cleaning up after all your blunders hurting the company!

      You all point to the yearly losses and poor stock performance, but all your blunders with the company caused you to be fired and company clean up needed. A pointed finger always has several other fingers pointing back.

      A great Exhibit #2 will be the comment from you all pounding on another good person about if he felt it was 40 cents or $40 dollars! You folks are the brain scum at the bottom of the bucket.

      Still enjoying my Monster Command profits! My new company growing and 2 new employees hired this week alone.

      • 1 Reply to wyattkap
      • wyattkap,

        Again... You say Grifter Won has every thing to do with the continued success of Labor Ready (TBI) and NOT the continued failure of CCNI.OB? Seems you lost a lot when your meal ticket with Labor Ready was fired. "1. Who stole $3.5 million from Labor Ready? Answer: GRIFTER WON.” You said you were there back then. Did you work for Grifter Won?

        You are a liar. How many times have said something that has been proven wrong by your own words?

        You most certainly are a moron.

    • wyattkap,

      You are a complete moron!

      Labor Ready (TBI) earned more that a quarter of a BILLION dollars in the same time Grifter Won LOST more than <$52 MILLION dollars…>

      You do know what LOST means RIGHT?

      Labor Ready (TBI) earned: $283,974,000.00
      Grifter Won CCNI.OB earned… I mean LOST: <$52,040,500.00>

      Basic math says that a swing of $336,014,500.00 in Labor Ready’s (TBI) favor is a good thing.

      You need to get a tractor to pull your head out of Grifter Won’s A-S you idiot.

    • What is so interesting about you is how you are showing all of us how stupid you are in reading the value of a company.

      Lets just look at a few minor details to my comments about the lack of growth in LRW: 1999 they had 254,000 customers 2009 they are DOWN 79,000 customers to just 175,000.

      1999 EPS was 56 Cents/share (with new stores being opened at great expense), 2009 was only 20 cents/share (with many stores closed) and they are patting themselves on the back for being a leaner company in 2009?

      Currently just one company represents 13.4% of their ENTIRE business and a monster 48% of their 2009 business was in just 5 states?? Talk about having your eggs in just a few carts. One slow down in a single state or this one company and their entire profit margin is about GONE!

      All these years later they only have 2 store properties owned by the company?? They still lease all the others??? Why didn't they start a sub corp and without dilution to the LRW stockholders acquire many of the commercial store locations to build solid RE equity from its own cash flow?

      From 2000 they are down 213 Labor Ready stores, but then spent over $81 MILLION stockholder dollars to purchase Spartan-CLP and Skilled Services and they still are at the same general sales level they were 10 years ago and at half the EPS. GREAT USE OF stockholder funds.

      I can go on for days supporting my comment about LRW not performing over the past 10 years. (I've made money 11 times over this period shorting the stock alone) You look at a company that slammed the door shut on growth after Glen was gone and instead of taking their cash flow and capturing market share growth-they boosted the earnings and drained off a lot of cash to themselves as they didn't pay dividends and their stock is still half what it traded under Glens rule.

      As I said before-take a BASIC 101 Accounting class so you can start to read the accounting information to slow yourself down from looking so stupid. It is the same stupidity that couldn't see you should have bought the poop out of Command stock below 12 cents a share to make an easy double or triple on your money as it ran to 30 to 36 cents!!!!!

      Why do you keep arguing and calling good people names as you have been NOTHING but wrong every time you and your poop stick licking friends open your bad breath mouths. CHILDREN is all you all are and YOU all deserved being FIRED!!!!! Stop following me around like a stupid puppy to other boards and posting your cut & paste poop for brains crap. You just look stupid and pathetic. Maybe your mom needs to take your computer away from you for a month or two so you can get a life as you're not using your time for something productive. This country needs people to be more productive so you can pay more taxes like me. Get busy and Do your part!

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