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  • flag.staff flag.staff Sep 6, 2010 9:20 AM Flag

    Labor Ready WITHOUT Grifter Won Controlling the ACCOUNTING

    TrueBlue Named to Top of Forbes' "Most Trustworthy Companies" List

    Press Release Source: TrueBlue, Inc. On Wednesday August 11, 2010, 2:20 pm EDT

    TACOMA, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TrueBlue, Inc. (NYSE:TBI - News) ranked at the top of the list of companies with the “most transparent and conservative accounting practices and most prudent management,” according to a new “Most Trustworthy Companies” list compiled for Forbes by Audit Integrity, an independent financial analytics company.

    Audit Integrity’s Accounting & Governance Risk rating, or AGR, rates companies' accounting and management practices from 0 (very aggressive) to 100 (conservative); companies with a lower rating have been more likely to suffer equity loss, issue financial restatements and face class action suits, says. Conversely, Forbes says, companies with the higher rating tend to be more trustworthy,

    TrueBlue, the nation’s leading supplier of blue-collar temporary labor, received a top score of 100 and was one of a handful of companies on the list that have met the “most trustworthy” criteria consistently for the past five years or longer. Only five percent of publicly traded companies make the list -- to qualify, a company must earn a rating of 65 or more for eight consecutive quarters -- and TrueBlue was one of only 19 companies of the 328 on the list to earn the highest possible score.

    “We have always believed that our investors, our employees and our customers deserve candor and transparency and that these principles are the foundation for maintaining the strength of our company,” TrueBlue CEO Steve Cooper said.

    Audit Integrity's AGRs have been used over the past seven years by institutional investors, insurers, auditors, regulators and corporations to identify risk, according to Forbes.

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    • I really want to know why this guy left Sellect for the depths of He-l in ccni. I mean come on now, ccni? Was this guy fired from Sellect? If not then why did he fall for the false myth, the false legend and the false resume of a con artist?

    • I went back and read the profiles again in the 10K and he is not listed with a CPA. What does this guy have??

    • brownhal72,

      Do you suppose there is another reason the Grifter Won group of FOGs do not want a CFO with a CPA background?

      Perhaps they need someone who will not look at the books. They are after all... managed by Grifter Won himself.

      You need fog to cloud the issue.

      brownhal72 said:

      This guy isn't even a CPA. Why does anyone feel he could be a decent CFO? At least he can go down with the rest of them. He is signing the bottom line on the filing.

    • chabro2,

      You are so correct. No one responds to the idiot wyattkap anymore because he is doing all of the water carrying for the Grifter Won Clan and the FOG. Forget Facts when you can continue to try to change the dialogue. What part of 5.5 years of mismanagement, 46-cent stock for a loss of nearly 95% in stock value and the continued RED INK do these bottom-feeding day-traders not see? Grifter Won Cra-k Lickers!

      chabro2 said,


      You got that right! He is a brainless fly who cares nothing about the facts and history of Grifter Won, Tailpiper Won
      (aka the kung fu tavern brawling spousal abuser COO/CIO) (Arrested in multiple States) and Erectoid Won (aka DUNCE).

      $0.46 cent stock or a 94.80% loss covering 5.5 years. Now that is a FACT.

      wyattkap says: "WOW-this cut and paste is brainless! Easy to understand why the brainless flies use it every day!"

    • It's amazing how a company can turn around when you clean out the coruption at the top. 10 years after Grifter was fired for the theft of $3,500,000.

      osu wrote this in April 2008 and it is as true today as it was when it happened about 10 years ago.

      About osu “He has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and has been an independent auditor preparing certified financial documents such as P & L’s, balance sheets, cash flow statements and footnotes.”

      I would elaborate a bit as follows:

      Really I think the way most of the former franchise owners have been swindled by Glenn is pretty pathetic. I know it is likely that he has been promising you your stock "within 90 days" or " within 60 days". These times will get shorter all the time but it will not reach zero. Glenn is able to pull off a very compelling performance as a victim. Only the alleged perpetrator knows it is not true. Seriously, have you ever know him to fail and it not be someone else's fault? Not likely.

      Roll your problems forward one day at a time and you will never have to deal with them. Do not let him convince you he was the hero that made Labor Ready what it is today. He wasn't, he didn't. When Labor Ready was in the financial position that CCNI is in today, Glenn did the one thing that saved the company, he Left. It took a year or a little more after that to swab out the rest of the infection that was FOG - a year after that the company started turning a steady profit that has grown ever since - all without Glenn Welstad.

      Bottom line, if HE stays, YOU loose. Right now you are seeing what would have happened at Labor Ready if he had NOT left. I was there watching it all real close up.

      I was there for the decline:

      I saw the branch closings, layoffs, 200%/yr field staff turnovers, stock prices down 94%, and delisting from the stock exchange. This is where ccni.ob is right now.

      I was there for the departure:

      Then, when all appeared to be lost, a miracle happened - Glenn got caught with his hand in the cookie jar all the way up past his elbow, snagging the last bit of what Labor Ready had to take. He was forced to return it immediately, forced to resign, and he left, but not quietly. Even as he was being basically dragged kicking and screaming out the door, he was blaming the board and other officers and claiming that every single one of them had conspired to frame him for something he did not do.

      I was there for the recovery:

      Everything that marked the decline began to reverse itself - it took almost 2 years. Branch closings slowed to a stop, staff turnover dropped to less than half its previous 200% rate, regained its 3 letter ticker symbol, and began its financial recovery into the solid and profitable company it is today.

      All thanks to Glenn ........ because he left.

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      • ccniinvestor,

        Command Center will make the turn around once ALL the Grifter Won clan and the FOG are gone. It happened at Labor Ready after they fired his A-S for theft of $3.5 million. Read the previous entries in this topic to see how.

        justineincase is right... History is IMPORTANT!!!!!

        Dwight Enget’s ownership group got their stock (LATE) because Dwight Enget REFUSED to allow Grifter Won, Tailpiper Won (aka the kung fu tavern brawling spousal abuser COO/CIO) (Arrested in multiple States) and Erectoid Won (aka DUNCE) confiscate it.

        Grifter Won REFUSED to give out the Dwight Enget groups stock due to Grifter Won’s claim of fraudulent accounting.

        One big problem for Grifter Won!

        Dwight Enget and people other than Grifter Won were the majority owners of their group and therefore were not REQUIRED to use the BOGUS accounting department owned by… you got it… Grifter Won.

        Grifter Won was unable to siphon off their cash and claim fraudulent accounting.

        ccininvstor said:

        I wonder what ever happened to the successful operators that had their businesses stolen from them by Grifter Won?

        Bruce Donaldson - San Diego
        Michael Wheeler - Inland Empire
        Mike Moothart - Washington
        Tom Hancock - Little Rock
        J.D. Wargo - San Antonio
        Shelly Bollinger - Tulsa
        Tom Gilbert - Denver
        John Skowronek - Reno
        Kevin Lafurge - Portland
        Darren Watson - Fargo

        Am I missing anyone? Do any of these former operators read this board? Did you ever get the stock that Grifter Won promised you? What are you doing now?

        Just curious.

        Sentiment : Strong Sell

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