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  • wyattkap wyattkap Nov 23, 2010 2:17 PM Flag


    YOU JUST SAID Investors: They should do their own research and make their own choices. Most of the posters are merely giving people the tools necessary to make an informed decision as to the wisdom and security of their potential investment in a dying company (a sinking ship).

    YOU just talked out of BOTH sides of your mouth in one paragraph! You first say Investors should do their own research and make their own choices. Then you say this is a dying company (a sinking ship) WHO made you the investment GURU??? Well-THAT is what I did over a year ago. I did my own research-purchased the stock and I made over 300% PROFITS and still counting. This company is now reporting Q2 & Q3 PROFITS. Just picked up a REAL GURU as a CFO for even more growth going forward. YOU SEE-I did just what you said: I did my own research and put my money where my mouth is! I make a few positive statements about this company and the economy changing, and your pathetic group started the name calling! NOT ME!! Your group cast the first stones in concert!

    YOU ALL LIKE HISTORY LESSONS: NOW LOOK AT THE 15 MONTH HISTORY IN THIS COMPANY: YOU all look very stupid for missing this company turn around story! 7 cents to 45 cents (600% INCREASE)!During this time everyone that ever said a single positive word about this company was attacked by your group and the stock went up over 600%!!! Your group calls me a Pump and Dump for doing my own research and making money in this company!! Who is the stupid fool now???? Maybe-if you have brain one, you'll look over your shoulder and see what an idiot your group has been, and you better buy some of this stock before it goes over 60 cents and on to $2 over the next few years! I have some in my 401K for the long term with all my investment dollars back!

    WE ARE HERE ON THIS SITE TO INVEST or SPECULATE WITH OUR MONEY, ARE WE NOT????? YOU do know this is an investors/speculators board and not just a trash can talk site warning everyone how the sky is falling-the sky is falling???

    You all like to make jabs at me, but I've Been RIGHT 100% of the time!!! YOU all have been nothing but stupid-rude-crude, and childish! My reading of all your posts taught me that you all deserved to be fired and that would soon be a great positive for the company! AGAIN-I WAS RIGHT!!!

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