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  • pubnetix pubnetix Jul 29, 2002 6:32 AM Flag


    As a native Pennsylvanian, I am sorry that it has come to this (sale), but the WORKERS have no one to blame but themselves. THEIR GREED AND THE STRIKE, WERE THE FINAL STRAW. Hershey's basically said, the hell with this. If they are so UNGRATEFUL, then it's bye-bye to Chocolatetown. Same thing happened when VW came to Pa. and opened plant. Workers thought they could tell VW how to run their show and VW called their bluff. When you have a nice paying job close to home, you gotta have a little HUMILITY and be THANKFUL for what you have, eh?

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    • Milton Hershey never ever intended for the Trust to sell out. THIS IS UNREAL! They should be ashamed given the large donation he gave.


    • I see we have another person that has no clue what they are talking about. The WORKERS are not the ones to blame for the sale of this company. Give me a fricken break!! There are 14,000 employees of this company and the union workers are a minority. First of all , if it wasn't for the union workers, this company would be paying 8 bucks an hour with no benifits. This goes to show you that you have no clue. The Reese plant is not union and they get everything the union plants have.

      The sale of this company was made before the strike this past April. Like I alwyas say, Hershey would not be paying the salaries if they did not think there workers were not worth it. Plus who ever buys this company (Nestle, Kraft)have strong unions in there plants. So get off of this union crap and go back into your hole.

      Maybe the trust doesnt want a scandle to come to the surface down the road, like some other comapnies and does not want to lose there value of there stock. This is all about Greed, You are right. Except it is the Trust that is Greedy. They cant spend the 4.5 billion they already have. Maybe you should look into this?? The trust who owns Herco, (HersheyPark) 100%, has exchange students from Poland working in the park. The sad part of this whole thing is , they are living in housing 2 miles away from the park and they must walk to work and back home along a major highway. Now that is a fricken shame, on the Trust and Herco's part.At least they could bus them back and forth.

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      • Those pollocks should be happy to have a job. It's alot better than the ghettos their grandparents grew up in.

        When the MHS pays for their Vasser/Harvard education, will you be singing the blues then?

        The house they are living in now is probably better than yours, and I will bet that it doesn't have one milking cow on the whole acreage.

        You talk about about 14,000 employees. I would venture to say that it was less than 12,000 at the start of the third quarter.

    • The greed factor is not those of the employees. The greed factor starts at the top...THE TRUST! My guess is the Trust created this outline years ago with fellow board members at MHS and other Hershey entities inorder to make a profit for themselves. What many of you don't know or don't remember is that in the late 80's this ball started rolling --- remember the firings of the SEVEN members of the school for no apparent reason....except that there was a plan. There were lists of people and when they were to be fired. After the uproar in the town and by the students themselves, a quick change needed to take place among the greedy board members of all the Hershey entities. They offered up Rod Pera as a "peace offering." We (the community) knew back then that they were still cooking up their plan. We also know that long arms stretch from Texas. Hands that were thought gone are still in the mix. My guess is this has been brewing for 10 years.

    • You obviously know nothing about the strike.
      The workers only wanted to keep what they had.
      We were not asking for anything more. The Trust is not selling because of the strike.
      I think if the strike was the reason, they would have said as much. This was in the works
      longer than people imagine.

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      • Yes, I agree! Hershey factory employees were not only fighting for what had been given to them in the past...but also for the retirees. Hershey wanted to mess with retirees benefits. That is just wrong. No one should mess with any retirees benefits....especially Hershey. Hershey gave the retirees their benefits after years and years (decades and decades) of hard work. Now that the Trust has alterior motives, they wanted to take it out in part on the retirees. Messing with retired loyal employees is crooked.

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