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  • j0e_f0x j0e_f0x Jan 16, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    25 million capital raise at SSH discretion

    This is clearly good news. First SSH has enough cash to get though the year. They don't have to sell stock now. Second SSH picks the time and price of the sale. You can't get any better discretion. I would expect SSH to wait until the stock is over 10 before any stock sales. Everyone knew the company was going to raise capital at some point to complete the study. I would expect about 2 million shares to eventually be issued. The C pulse system potential market is 5 billion. The company is only worth 56 million. It's grossly undervalued.

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    • What time frame until final FDA? I read 2.5years, is this correct? Thanks

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    • what price target can this reach considering 5B potential? thanks

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      • Strongly feel this company will have a market cap of 1B within 4 years from now if they do not get bought out before. So to answer your question, I think a minimum longer term target (4 years) will be 15-20 times the current pps. I personally am not hoping for a buyout (although it will be hard not to be happy when you wake up to a nice 200-300% gain) as I feel the market cap for this company will be much greater than 1B.This is one of those few stocks that can make you a lot of $$$$$ and allow you to retire a few years early if you are patient. Obviously there is some risk (as will all stocks) however the potential reward is a no brainer to me. I currently have a significant # of shares (maybe too many) and plan to add a few more down the road.

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    • Agreed, very positive vote of confidence, and totally expected capitol raise. Actually seems very PROACTIVE to me, as they could have waited, but management it out in front getting the runway paved for future take off. Like the way they have structured. Gives SSH lots of flexibility, and tells the market, there is significant capitol that has done its due diligence and likes what it sees!!!


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