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    Few paragraphs from the SSH Prospectus

    Our C-Pulse System targets Class III and ambulatory Class IV patients as defined by the NYHA. It is estimated that approximately 1.5 million heart failure patients in the United States fall into this classification range, and we believe approximately 3.7 million patients in Europe are similarly affected. In addition to the symptoms described above, patients with Class III and ambulatory Class IV heart failure typically experience dizziness, low blood pressure and fluid retention.

    Treatment alternatives currently available for Class III heart failure patients in the United States consist primarily of pharmacological therapies and pacing devices that are designed to address heart rhythm issues. Although these treatments may provide symptomatic relief and prolong the life of patients, they do not often halt the progression of congestive heart failure. Circulatory assist devices, specifically left ventricular assist devices, or LVADs, have been used to treat Class IV patients in the United States, and one product received FDA approval in the United States for Class IIIb patients although the device is not reimbursed by CMS for Class IIIb patients. These devices are designed to take over some or all of the pumping function of the heart by mechanically pumping blood into the aorta. Although such products are effective in increasing blood flow, these devices are implanted in the patient’s body and by design are in contact with the patient’s bloodstream, increasing the risk of adverse events, including thrombosis, bleeding and neurologic events. The FDA recently rejected a proposed clinical trial that would evaluate the safety and performance of an LVAD technology for Class III heart failure patients because they did not believe the technology risks outweighed the potential rewards for these patients.

    Our Strategy

    Our goal is to become a market leader in the treatment of heart failure patients through the commercialization of our C-Pulse System, and to continue the development of the system to make it safer and more convenient for patients and physicians. We believe that our technology will provide us with a competitive advantage in the market for treating specific segments of heart failure patients. To achieve our objectives, we intend to:



    Table of Contents

    · Conduct a Pivotal Trial in the United States— We completed enrollment of the North American feasibility clinical trial in the first half of 2011. In November 2011, we obtained the preliminary results of the six-month follow-up period for our North American feasibility clinical trial. In March 2012, the FDA notified us that it completed its review of the C-Pulse System feasibility trial data, concluded we met the applicable agency requirements, and indicated that we can move forward with an IDE application. In November 2012, the FDA provided us with unconditional approval to initiate a pivotal trial. We currently anticipate that enrollment of our pivotal trial will begin during the first half of 2013. We expect to complete enrollment of our pivotal trial by the end of 2015.

    · Conduct Post-Market Trial in Europe to Support Reimbursement of the C-Pulse System —We have retained consultants to analyze the conditions in various European countries for potential reimbursement for our system and the capabilities of existing hospitals and clinics to implant the C-Pulse System properly and understand the potential benefits of our system. We are targeting the leading LVAD/transplant centers to gain support, promote our technology, and conduct a non-randomized post-market trial that will evaluate endpoints similar to those for our U.S. pivotal trial to aid our reimbursement efforts and gain additional clinical data. We expect to be able to complete this trial in 2014 in our initial target markets.

    · Prepare for the Commercial Launch of the C-Pulse System in Europe—We obtained CE Mark approval for the C-Pulse System in July 2012 and have taken initial steps to evaluate the market potential for our system in targeted countries in Europe in anticipation of commencing commercial sales. We initially plan to sell the C-Pulse System in Europe through experienced distributors in countries where our system is approved for reimbursement or where we otherwise believe there might be a potentially profitable market for our system. We expect our initial sales efforts in Europe will focus on Germany and Italy, which we believe are the largest potential markets for the C-Pulse System in Europe and have supported reimbursement for heart failure technologies in the past.

    · Continue to Enhance the C-Pulse System—We believe it will be important to continue refining the C-Pulse System to make it more appealing for both patients and physicians. Since completing our 20 patient North American feasibility trial, we have made several improvements to the C-Pulse System based on the feasibility trial outcomes and feedback we received from surgeons and patients during the trial. These changes include enhancements to our driver, cuff, Percutaneous Interface Leads, or PIL, and our C-Patch, among others. We have also completed an initial animal study of a next-generation, fully-implantable C-Pulse System, which would eliminate the risk of exit-site infections.

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