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  • draganvistica draganvistica Apr 16, 2013 12:21 AM Flag

    whats with the price?

    Market gets hammered today, and ssh hovering around 5.25
    Underwriters propping it up or what? Informed comments/opinions welcome

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    • The price will go lower, you and others should consider jumping in around $3 or at the new 52 wk low.. no mystery investor is looming as people on this board want you to think..

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    • There is report on an Australian forum site saying the latest cap raising was directed towards a very large even Mega player in the industry and that this was a defensive move to set a two bidders for the company

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    • Of course there's going to be some support from Canacord with the offering. However, if you want to look at the bigger picture, there is some very positive news to the offering. This gives them enough money to get to the mid-point of their study. If they can show good interim results, SSH will be nowhere near this level. i think we'd see it at $15.00+. If companies come to bid at that point, you're now talking a $25-$35 stock. That could happened toward the end of next year. That's one heck of a return. I personally have added to my position down here. My cost basis is $6.50 but I didn't buy this for a trade. Toss that are looking to flip this one will be disappointed. This is a LT hold for me

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      • Hi Joe,

        Thank you for the supportive information. We agree that C-pulse is a good product and no competition at this point. We always hope the best in the future. Joe, we agree also your price prediction and only couple of things about price issues to ask for your thought and opinion. Definitely, if we look at the long term objective for SSH, it is an excellent for investment and not trading. By going through the stock offering with additional $13 M now, is that really enough to maintain the stock up to mid year before the buy out ? Yes, the stock offering of big picture is good.... But we concern the additional shares that they promise to do with Aspire in the future ? So, with good interm data and sales in Eurpoe (which they proclaim that it would happen since last quarter, but still pending for the reimbursement from UK ???), Will the price can really go to $15 in this year ? People always compare SSH against HTWR, similar product. In 2008, HTWR went from $0.25 to $25, 100 times more in year 2009 ? Is there any reason why ? In the past few articles from Seeking Alpha, the author suggest that SSH should go with the same level with HTWR of the price $25 ? Do you agree that SSH should be around $25 this year ? In the recent article about price prediction of SSH.... 10 time bagger in four years..... It suggest that the buyout price or 2015 price, SSH should worth around $44 ? Joe.... you mentioned about $25-$35... What is the basis ? Is this too conservative ? We are open up the discussion to make the decision what will be the best strategy for long term holding of SSH ?

        Best for Long........


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