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  • nova46162 nova46162 Aug 21, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Dilution? Will they need more cash soon?

    Not bashing just wondering what the thoughts are about more shares coming soon? They are down to $21M in cash.

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    • I'm guessing another offering is coming sometime. They are having difficulty recruiting patients for trials because of demand from other clinical triasl. That will slow down reimbursement. EU reimbursement will be revisited in 2014 but I think they will need to raise money again. Bought at $4.95 after the last offering, sold today at $9.26. Left some money on the table but will see 8"s again IMO.

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      • jairy48 - where in the world do you get info -- tea leaves. stopped by O State -- no problem getting pts. 2. they have 21 million in cash... Visiting with a couple of invasive cardiologist today at Wash U asking about what they think -- so far positive. no real slow down reimbursement- because there is very little as was stated on conference call. nothing unusual about that. sell and hope it goes down to pick up more ok ok but facts well a lot to ?????

    • Definitely possible but they also have a $20-25m LOC open and extremely low burn rate. So let's say 20% dilution, could raise $25m in the $12s, that's a conservative play and shouldn't hurt the stock at all.

      (Out trading shares @$11.05, rebidding in the high $9's if it gets there.)

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      • Since they just raised 14 million with the most recent secondary, I wouldn't rush back to the market only after a few months. Obviously the trials are going well... that's why the price is going higher. I would slowly ease into this position if a new investor... I was lucky enough to invest after the secondary, but I would want to nibble here and buy after they release some more data at the end of September. I believe this is a game changer...anytime you can implant a device like the C-Pulse system and not need Coumadin or Heparin, then it's a big deal.

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      • I would tend to agree with you. The number of shares out is so small it probably won't have much effect if they issue more shs.

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