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  • ex14142000 ex14142000 Nov 26, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Big M -- how can you 'catch' me when I clearly stated what I did?

    I bought at 6.00 / 6.50 and got caught up in the snowball but note quite to the 11.80 point! :) Now what did you catch? nothing has really changed since I bought at the 6.00 mark but really positive sign. Now didn't you say they would run out of money, the 5" was a big deal, beware of infection rate, yap yap yap... all of which is not true. go feed those 11 cats - post on a Vet Bd. no wife no children just cats....odd fellow

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    • I know it is fun but we really should try to to pick on Bigs to much. Poor guy is clearly mentally unstable. Did a little research and this is what is going on with him. Poor guy has severe toxoplasmosis which causes damage to the brain, eyes, or other organs, can develop from an acute Toxoplasma infection or one that had occurred earlier in life and is now reactivated. A person can get toxoplasmosis by accidentally swallowing the parasite through contact with cat feces that contain Toxoplasma. This might happen by cleaning a cat's litter box when the cat has shed Toxoplasma in its feces or by touching or ingesting anything that has come into contact with cat feces that contain Toxoplasma

      Here is a good quote from Mark Twain that I feel applies here “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

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