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  • ex14142000 ex14142000 Jan 24, 2014 1:20 PM Flag

    Holding up nicely in today´s slaughter. Feels like someone is accumulating at this level.

    yap! the way kids on this bd investor -- 'feels like someone' Whenever I hired a direct report - they had a resume which listed experience/education. Then I wold personally call for my CFO and IO to verify. girlie boys on this bd -- would see they are entitled to position just because they could fill out an aplication. Same with investing - lots of folk want to tell me how to 'invest' 'spend' my money. do a little background on them ie education/experience/success... just like with SSH -- talk with sites, talk with cardiologist, even talk with HF pts. wanna bees hear seemed to think they are entitled to something without a little effort to learn about which they want to offer opinions/feelings. it's the feminazation of our culture. Today over 50% of MBA, Law School, Medical School are women. what will these women find appealing about the boys who post on this bd... ah my 'feelings' 'opinions'... yep that's gonna make you a few $$s.Holding up nicely in today´s slaughter. Feels like someone is accumulating at this level.
    today takes a look at whistle-blower lawsuits claiming for-profit hospital chain Health Management Associates employed a strategy to up admission—whether or not patients needed care—in order to boost Medicare and Medicaid payments. The paper shares one tactic, in which ER scorecards were posted daily, showing doctors who met an admission target in green. Doctors who were close to the figure were in yellow, and failing doctors in red. That target? Admitting at least half of patients over 65 who visited the emergency room. In another case, a baby was admitted with a "fever" despite a normal temperature of 98.7 degrees.

    When the CEO of an HMA-owned North Carolina hospital reported that his doctors wouldn't go along with the revenue-boosting policies, former HMA chief exec Gary Newsome—who made $22 million in three years—allegedly replied, "Do it anyway." Threats and financial incentives were also allegedly used, while execs who questioned the policies were often fired and reports on admission rates were burned, the Times adds. So far eight whistle-blower lawsuits have been filed against HMA in six states; last month, the Justice Department joined in, but one expert says typical penalties number in the 8-figure-range—pennies compared to the profits. She predicts it would take a settlement of at least $500 million to make an impact.

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    • Between you and Bigs you are determined to dominate this board. If your desire is to chase everyone away so that you and Bigs can continue your relationship in private then you are accomplishing your purpose. This board is a waste of time. At least SSH has a bright future. Don´t bother replying to this post because no one will be listening. I have 10´s of thousand of shares of SSH and I don´t need anyones advice to tell me this company will be a big force in the treatment of CHF.

    • Ex, I don't have problems with your posts. Just wondering are you the top one percent of this country? Not want to get into your privacy. If you are, you can do whatever you want. Marlon Brando once said, Godfather was never about gangsters but capitalism. Sad but true.

      Don't want to get anybody upset here since this is an investment message board. Happy investing!


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      • hope I am in the top 1% of something. got drafted went to OCS, served two tours in Vietnam - came back went to Grad School - went to work in the Investor owned hospital biz at just the right time - hoped I never made the same mistake 3 times - so got promoted to CEO of hospital at 31 and the rest, as they say is history. Had a lot of really great experience and made some money. I follow a few stocks - those that I have a personal interest - or because I like product and found some great buys.. in addition just fell into some good opportunities. This country is in big time trouble - kind of why I follow this bd. as stated a lot of numb nuts that know nothing about health care, HF, finance etc etc and yet want to yap about this chart or that chart - or opinions/emotions. Some of us in the 60 - 66 age bracket have seen the feminization of the culture. Took a flyer on SSH after a little research and talking with some people in health care, some physicians I know and then as stated talking with BJC, St Lukes, soon Ohio State and UAB. I think I have a pretty good 'feel' for the company. Bottom line - patience, the technology is proven - will pts think more of C-Pulse than 'drugs'. I have even talked with some HF pts and I think they will. think about the S A article - it seems that the model used is for 1% of HF population in the US, then think about the EU... and then on to China. Posters some capitalist one of which is Frist have now opened the first 'for-profit' hospital in China 30% Chinese government owned. Think about the constant smog, cig smoking etc in China - market could be equal to both US and EU. dang, kids and grandkids might enjoy the PPS of SSH. Hold 10K shares at moment - want to wait till 3/14 to see about adding more - but these dips are tempting.

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    • ...this should be required reading...

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