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  • snobordnutt snobordnutt Oct 12, 2009 2:10 PM Flag

    BDSI better than HLCS? Take a look...

    I wouldn't put too much value in the analyst's point of view except to use them for the pop or dip they sometimes create with their hype or lies. The chart looks good for a buck or more from here. Did you get in last Wednesday when it gapped up the following morning? BDSI may trade with the earnings these coming weeks. 2 weeks ago when the big money anticipating good earnings were preaching gloom and doom to scare the money as many were short have now gone long and are in position to reap the good news for 3RD quarter numbers that will push this market higher. Trade your gut but don't disreguard what you see. Many times I got nervous when things were quiet too long only to liquidate a position and the next few days miss a huge gain. The hand writing was on the wall but fear and greed chasing another opportunity made me forget why I was in that position in the first place. The insider interest in HLCS is a green blinking light, buy me now.