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  • snobordnutt snobordnutt Jan 13, 2010 1:56 PM Flag

    500 Mil For Helicos MAD You Screwed Up didn't You?

    I wonder If while you have posted here why you wouldn't understand the ramifications of your posts? Maybe a little too immature? What happens to the Basher Boss when he reads the Fact that his main boy has claimed that Helicos is worth 5 times its current PPS? I think he's gonna be pissed. What do you think?

    This is your own words posted on January 10 2010 just days ago. Why would you hint to longs to sell when its's worth more?

    You may be right. That may also explain the spike after the news came out. It would not make sense for insiders to sell at this price if they think somebody is interested in gobbling up Helicos.
    I think the company will be sold and price might be around 500mil.

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    • Thanks Robert.

    • Bigwaveal... This is what someone said about Marine Corps Honor? I wonder if you have ever been a Marine? Seems you have forgotten a thing or 2.

      In the Marine Corps, "honor" is not just a word, it's an unbreakable code that is shared among Marines. It is about respecting others, along with taking responsibility for one's actions. Honor, along with courage and commitment, define who the Marines are and what they stand for.

      Maybe your just a wanna be?

      Maybe your making up for your lack of substance in whom you really are?

      Maybe your just a loser claiming to be a winner?

      Have you ever noticed winners never brag. Just losers do?

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      • Snobby, What da ya think should we all call him Big Weasel instead??

      • Yesterday Webtext posted this. Riken has 4 of the Helicos tSMS working in their labs. Agricultural production and the ability to produce disease resitant crops will change the production per acre level exponentially.

        January 14, 2010
        Publication of the soybean genome sequence in the international journal Nature this week could yield a number of positive agricultural impacts, according to the authors of the study who hail from some 15 institutes in the USA and the RIKEN Plant Science Center in Yokohama, Japan1.

        "The genome sequence opens the door to crop improvements that are needed for sustainable human and animal food production, energy production and environmental balance in agriculture worldwide," write the authors.

        In addition to being an important source of vegetable oil for cooking and protein for humans and animals (Fig. 1), the soybean, Glycine max, also plays a key ecological role in taking nitrogen from the air and putting it back into the soil.

        Using a so-called 'whole-genome shotgun approach', the researchers analyzed 20 chromosomes of the soybean plant and identified over 46,000 genes-more than double the number in humans.

        Varieties of soybean plants that are resistant to diseases that reduce agricultural yields, such as Asian soybean rust, and that have high nutritional content, and hardier seeds and plants may now be possible now that the genome has been sequenced. According to the authors, the next step in this work will be to determine which genes encode for these traits.

        1. Schmutz, J., Cannon, S.B., Schlueter, J., Ma., J. Mitros, T., Nelson, W.,Hyten, D.L. Song, Q., Thelen, J.J. Cheng, J. et al. Genome sequence of the palaeopolyploid soybean. Nature 463, 178-183 (2010).

    • Genomic Expert, Scientist George Church of Harvard on HELICOS

      Helicos Mapped RNA to Show Gene Roots of Disease, Build Better
      by on September 23, 2009

      By Elizabeth Lopatto Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) —

      Scientists from Helicos BioScience Corp. have mapped RNA , a key
      player in each person’s genetic blueprint, in a step that may boost
      researchers’ search for the roots of disease. The technique for
      showing the sequence of RNA is more accurate than a previous method,
      which required the RNA sample to be converted to its cousin DNA before
      it could be measured, according to a report in the journal Nature

      The technology will be commercially available as soon as next year and
      may benefit companies building new RNA-based drugs.

      Being able to identify RNA directly will uncover some corresponding
      areas of DNA previously called “junk” that has turned out to have
      valuable information, said Patrice Milos , the study’s head
      researcher. Many genetic markers of disease discovered in the last
      several years have been in the “junk” sections, said Milos, who is the
      chief scientific officer of Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Helicos.

      “Often, the particular genetic markers associated with common diseases
      lie outside the coding regions of genes,” Milos said. RNA is active in
      these regions so it may tell researchers what the gene segment’s
      purpose is. RNA, or ribonucleic acid, is a single-stranded molecule
      that helps translate genetic information from DNA into proteins that
      carry out DNA instructions.

      Researchers have found that RNA can block proteins from being made, a
      process called RNA interference. New Therapies Companies such as
      Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. and RXi Pharmaceuticals are attempting to
      exploit RNA interference for therapies, in order to block actions of
      genes. Viruses are composed almost entirely of genetic material;
      cancer is principally a disease of flawed DNA. Turning off certain
      genes may halt the biological machinery that drives illnesses as
      varied as bird flu and AIDS.

      The new RNA sequencing technology will be available “sometime next
      year,” Milos said. It will be compatible with the HeliScope single
      molecule sequencing machine, which costs $999,000, Milos said. The
      individual channels for RNA analysis will cost $300 each. The
      HeliScope has two flow cells, each of which allows for 50 channels. A
      full analysis would be about $300 times 50, or $15,000, Milos said.

      Direct mapping of RNA will be used more often if it demonstrates it’s
      better than previous methods, if it’s relatively simple, and if it
      doesn’t cost too much, said George Church , a Harvard University
      scientist whose findings helped spur the U.S. human genome project in
      the 1980s.

      “The competition is a moving target, but for now, Helicos is a clear
      leader on all three,” Church said in an e-mail. He wasn’t involved in
      today’s research report. Researchers are already moving away from
      using DNA microarrays, a way of examining DNA, to newer ways to
      sequence gene molecules, Church said. “This will drive that trend even
      further,” Church said in the e-mail.

      Previously, to sequence RNA, researchers created so-called
      complementary DNA through a chemical reaction. When the Helicos
      researchers compared the direct sequencing of RNA to the complementary
      DNA method, they found that 4 percent to 5 percent of the molecules
      measured in the DNA method were created in the conversion process.

      Direct sequencing, on the other hand, detected exactly what had been
      put in the test tube, Milos said. “There really were some biases that
      were created through complementary DNA,” Milos said.

    • All sides of the discussion are needed. Motive or money decides why the words behind the post.Deception diminshes the value. Each Investor must gather an ability to discern before they can get wealthy. Its part of this journey. Money always is the best compass. Watch the Big Money trade this. It trumps all facts, lies, hype. and bash. Remember Money is the key. Money has their soft bashers gently creating doubt. It's a Bullish sign and says this one has value and I want your shares. I will do whatever I can to get them

      Investors of Helicos here's what Mad has said about you investors and Helicos:

      15 December 09

      "I truly feel sorry for these house rats, who simply forgot when to fold and move on. I made money on my first trade but lost a little in second. This is a poorly run company with good people at the top. This company is too risky to hold. Lessons should be learned from 2000-2003 market conditions. Yes, this thing can go to zero. Shareholders would loose everything but bondholders would get the company. Thank God I am out from this mess."

      Helicos is a startup. They are in the beginning stages of growth. Their novel discoveries are leading edge.The bashing is the investment worlds way of telling you that there's more value in your shares than where the PPS is now. If there was none then you would not have these experts here day after day shaking you down for your so-called worthless shares. All posts have motive. Imagine this. We're in a boat together floating in open ocean. No land visible. I claim to be with you but I'm at work constantly poking holes in the bottom of the boat telling you I'm your friend reminding you I'm with you in the boat and here to help you? LOL

      Here's what Mad said about Helicos on January 10 2010.

      "You may be right. That may also explain the spike after the news came out. It would not make sense for insiders to sell at this price if they think somebody is interested in gobbling up Helicos.
      I think the company will be sold and price might be around 500mil."

      If you do the Math. At 93 million MCAP where heliocs sits now and a PPS of 1.18 that would put the sale price of the PPS at $6.30 substantially higher than where we're at now. Why would you sell an Equity that by his own words is worth 5 times where it is trading at now. The Hedge fund he and his aliases work for know this and are here to steal your retirement and future.

    • Same Brad. The shares short are way more some days depending on the location of the PPS and where its come from. Its just part of the environment. Their is enough range in this that it is inviting to some traders. Throw in a story and viability then you have the chance for big jumps and dumps.

    • is it 86k?
      cnbc says 319k in neutral fund
      and 9k in smallcapfund
      it says as of 1/13/10..
      how are you viewing yours??

    • here it is Brad:
      86k - Adobe PDF - View as html
      The TFS Market Neutral Fund is a long/short equity mutual fund. ... in the TFS Market Neutral Fund should not be construed as an investment in an ...

      Take a look at their profile. They're the ones that are moving the PPS around as they gather cover or sell shares. It gives us a little better understanding as why the PPS is stepped down 2 points on back to back 100 share trades? They can use 2 or more trading desks giving the illusion a market is happening.They will be parked here until they feel its not worth it to them. The problem is in the run down from 2.85 we lost a few of the non-insider Institutional Funds? We will gain some when the rumor of a buyout heats up the message board. Just opinions. Not recomendations

    • I occasionally check the ownership on this page and this is new. this is the link
      hopefully that works

    • Brad...I can't find that TFS capitol? Just got home from spin will shower and do some DD. The Fund working this one has made millions? This is a sitting duck because of the locked up shares. Someone coming in would have to be awful good traders as a large retail trade would move this PPS. They have sometimes a million shares? Can you post the information. see if they are in Micros? Pharma? Someone has been babysitting this since I came in late August. This one is a sweet gig for them They just need to educate their bashers.

    • Snobby, You see your not a dummy like you always claim!!! Your one of the smartest traders here. Buy all you can at these levels cause you'll be freaked out by the money you've made when the buyout price is announced.

      P.S. I hate bashers!!!!!!!!!

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