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  • ledakh ledakh Mar 2, 2010 3:50 PM Flag

    This stock is a piece of S**T!

    Would the new CEO hurry up and sell this company so that we can move on!

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    • Once again great post from you! I loved the part about IR remaining silent.
      Thankyou for your well thought posts!! And dont even bother with mad and mobile...they are broke records!

    • That has got to be one of the best retorts I have ever heard.

    • now thats a rational post that makes sense...but then again madmonsoon knows more than anyone else involved in the company...yeah Milos would leave her cushy job at Pfizer with all the perqs and benefits that such a corporate job offers to come to a company that is still technically speaking a penny stock...why would someone do such a thing? unless the risk reward was off the charts....

    • Ok to answer you what I said...evidence....

      1) insiders not offloading themselves...happy to sit and watch their $$$ go down the tube....these really are crazy folks arent they (if unsure check their bios !)
      2) VC's having already lost $$$ more than happy to put millions more into a failing company....oh yeah they get options to buy more of that failing co. at $2.50..!!!

      3) Talented /clued up folks not quitting the fact quite recently leaving top top Pharma jobs to come suicide....onece again they arent too bright these Helicos folks (compared to Mobile.. that is)

      4) The price is supposed to reflect everything in the market hey? why have we bottomed at $1 ..according to Mobile we should be in freefall now.

      5) Again if the paid bashers are right...the IR dept. should be falling overthemselves to get more suckers on board and keep existing ones on the hook...not remain totally silent.

      I had hoped my post would lead to reasoned debate...instead it once again degenerates to farce.

      Just wake up and look at the evidence staring us all in the face.

    • I highly doubt it but if it serves you to feed your ego than by all means feast on the empty calories that your words and insight provide...

    • To borisbear:
      "I would hazard a guess that when they were touting for buyers last year there were offers on the table in the $4-8 range.."

      You do not know this at all. For all you know there may not have been any offers. Or maybe the offers were for $1.00-1.25/sh. Nobody knows.

    • You mean $4-8 buyout, not 0.4-0.8 offers.

      Can I have your words?

    • Thanks BB.. the one point in all of this which really warrants thoughtful discussion..something that I know has been in very short supply here the resignation of Steve Lombardi. He came in June 2006 with the remit to make the Helioscope a commercial realisation (he has achieved this and seems strange to go now before he can share in the fruits therof)...his resignation can be looked at in a no. of ways:

      1) ..he's jumped ship because he sees Heliocs as failing and doesnt want to be associated with it. If so how come the pps hasnt gone into freefall on the news with VC's dumping , how come other equally clued up stake holders (eg Patrice Milos) havent gone too? Doesnt seem to stack up at this stage..again , something must have been whispered into the ears of the big VC's to calm their nerves and make this almost a non-event

      2) He has resigned in classic style because he has a difference in opinion with other board members on the future direction of the co....lets try and engender a discussion here on what these differences may be and whether they are bearish or bullish for us

      2) He has had to resign pending a forthcoming merger which he can not partake in due to conflict of interest ...could even be from his old employers Affymetrix or something similar...or won't partake in due to his perception of being sidelined in a new entity.

      Again lack of info . from Helicos IR is strange on such an important issue. indeed they seem to have NO INTEREST in IR at all...refuse to answer any queries from potential / existing investors and /or present at investor conferences.....again this adds credence to my previous post that they are already in a win-win financing situation and don't need active IR.

      I throw open all the above for open adult discussion !

    • Great post! Thanks for putting it into thoughts exactly!!
      U hopeless

    • I would hazard a guess that when they were touting for buyers last year there were offers on the table in the $4-8 range...obviously management thought they could realise vastly higher pps by organic growth just 5 months why do we all think this outlook would have changed...the sequencing market has not changed that adversely for fact Helicos has quietly been placing machines in strategic positions (doing what they said they would do right from the not to go head to head with existing sequencers in a machines sales battle but to develop niche markets and associated IP.)I know this 5 months has seemed a long time tousnvestors but the insiders have not lost faith...rememberthey were in a t$2.40 and could have sold out at any time...Patrice Milos still onboard after having left as head of Pharma Development at Pfizer..why leave there for a no hope operation?? My contention has always been that the management know something that we don't...this was almost certainly relayed to the VC's who subscribed to the direct offering (otherwise why would the option to buy more in the mid $2's be of any attraction?) contention is that the management still beleive this co. can do it alone and probably have a fall back take it or leave it offer on the table in the $4-8 region just in case.

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