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  • ricosuave8000 ricosuave8000 Mar 8, 2010 8:29 PM Flag

    only 0.02 down today despite bad news...

    something good is cooking here folks -- pps only down 2 cents today despite HLCS being downgraded by Leerink Schwann (or however you spell that name). The analyst noted that HLCS does have the only single molecule sequencing machine in the market and that the company is making improvements. He noted that the machine seems to be for a small part of the market and is too expensive -- folks, this is not all bad the way I see things. First a small part of the sequencing market is still sales that could greatly exceed the 14 machines sold so far and HLCS may be able to drop the price or add the RNA kit they've promised for early 2010 and generate further sales. This company is RIPE for a buyout or partnership and apparently investors feel the same sentiment otherwise the pps would have plunged today if things were really dire.

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    • Oh, and although my last post might appear to be all "pumper" go ahead and examine the meaning of each sentence and tell me that is either wrong or far-fetched. I am LONG this stock and have been for many months. I know there are some intelligent HLCS longs here who might appreciate this type of commentary, or at least I hope. I certainly do appreciate comparable commentary provided by a select few others.