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  • borisbear64 borisbear64 Mar 9, 2010 2:53 AM Flag

    Is this what its all about ?

    I think Versant and the Helicos board are effectively the same entity...privvy to the same information , know the true potential etc...but i feel the pps is being controlled by , if you like, the "enemies " of the company...probably acting on behalf of either a Helicos competitor or a possible Helicos suitor...the intention being to either strangle HLCS as a competitor or grind the pps to zilch prior to a t/over...same difference.The evidence is in the recent history of pps , the presence of an army of paid bashers here etc. This is the battle royale going yeah we (by that I mean Versant, the Helicos Board and us retail longs) could lose...the company may be ground into further financing then chap 11 unless sales come aquick....or we could get t/over at a crazily low price...but if the science prevails over the finance BS and sales or important IP comes this will be like a Tsunami .

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