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  • jaguar_mikell jaguar_mikell Mar 30, 2010 10:45 AM Flag

    Rotting carrots, & ripe potatoes...

    I allocated some risk capitol to HLCS about 2 1/2 mo. ago, and well we all know these small carrots are rotten,

    Thank goodness my big cap plays have been successful, I call them potatoes... Making 23% this qt. on my big cap money makes being down 35% on 7K a little easier...

    But I'm worried about these stinky carrots (HLCS) no earnings announcement, and to many illogical pumpers/bashers, and I just realized this capitol tho small, needs a better risk dump...

    Anyone out there got any better risk plays, I'm ready to take out the trash, no mobiles welcome in this thread...

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    • "Helicos owns the patent on TRUE single molecule sequencing."

      But needs to sell equipment!! We need to hear this!!

      Feb 23, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Helicos BioSciences (NASDAQ:HLCS) and it's collaborators will deliver presentations featured at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting in Marco Island, Florida, from February 24-27, 2010.

      But no news comming out of conference?? Disappointing!!


      "Here are the companies that stand to benefit."

      Disappointing Helicos BioSciences Co. was not mentioned??
      several small companies mentioned in "Companies riding the genome wave"

      Not bashing here just being realistic. I have PUMPED this company in the past, but at these PS levels one now has to be a little more objective!!

      Owing 20k avg $2.00, waiting to see It's ( Helicos ) technology to come to foliation and profit..


    • PDC is looking better, thanks for the suggestion!!!

      I wish we all had suggested or thought of IRE at the time of the risk capitol switch, had we found that, we (I) would be up 30%+...

      good thing I didn't get that TYP lol...

    • They may not need to if the costs of the 'PCR' processes that it looks like PAC-BIO requires, that Helicos does not require, create a gap in the initial cost of the machine vs. the time/cost to operate it and the cost of the final product(from the way I understand the differences)....but it is also safe to assume that the cost of the Helicos machines will come down as demand/volume sales go up.

      "Our approach is based on eavesdropping on a single DNA polymerase molecule working in a continuous, processive manner."

    • I think it a team of 8 to run the dam thing.

    • You are also illogical in your "so called" investment style.

      Carrots and potatoes are tubers...if you leave them in the ground long enough you will find your entire garden will be full of carrots and potatoes.

      You have not even invested in HLCS for an entire quarter and you seem to be passing judgment on the "company" for stock performance...everyone knows that at certain juntures in the early history of every growing company,stock price can be easily manipulated...for you to compare the performance of your "big cap" stocks coming off of,springing up from, the recovery side of a 'major' Bear market correction, to that of a start-up company shows your naivety...or, have found it necessary to join in with being an "illogical basher" (you just slapped yourself)...ouch...I think it might be safer for your money, for you to get back to being a gardener

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      • mackenzie_d...

        I played it as you did for the longest, but got sold on the stanford news, I thought that was huge, and still do...

        I had two opportunities to cash in on profit while holding, and I didn't wanna be that guy again, and now I'm feeling the mkts. revenge,


        Its sorta like Cramer says, to keep your head in the game, you need something to speculate and keep your mind going to get through the blunt of the bigger things going on, "a small risk play" and this stock has done that for me for now 9 months or so, if it waddn't for HLCS, I'd be asleep at the wheel in my big trades...

        I'm not gonna argue about performance vs others, if that were the case I'd never of traded this, or ever went long on a small allocation cuz it's PPS and action is drastically different from others in the sector,

        Its more about the whole veggie analogy and while you think your carrots are still planted by faith in the "company" I feel they've been uprooted and laid rotten, no need to sit here and speculate anymore when you have a handful of weed-wackers rummaging around and an IR and accounting dept. that takes over 3 months to put together a report for Q4... How could that make you wanna plant potatoes?

      • Nice to see a bit of volume in the right direction..

    • Rare Earths, can't build a predator or Prius without them, and China controls over 90% of world's supply. HUDRF, DCHAF, SOACF, QSURF. Watch out for ANIMF, you'll feel like you own HLCS. Oh and Gary Evan CEO at MHR promises $5 pps by summer.

    • Jag:

      I basically did the same thing you did. Personally I am still hanging in there to see what happens over the next few days. I still believe that their technology is a leading one and based on the stock rewards / purchases by insiders with only a few selling for tax purposes ( that we might get a surprise or 2 to bring the share price up. Me along with other longs are in the same boat as you so I feel your pain..

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      • I think it may be time to buy a couple more k and walk away from the puter for the next couple of months.. This MB is my least favorite! With the exception of a few good investors and Jag you are one of them.. Best of luck if you sell!

        I have been trading HLCS since I bought it for .97 and sold on the way up to 3.00. Bought in again quite high but I unloaded on the way down and have been in and out at a buck for the past couple of months.. I like these prices and like the stock for at least a three bagger but most likely more.

        Every investor has a different plan and should always do what is best for them, for every ship thats going out there is an other coming in..


      • Louie:

        great quote, lol, not to much wine here on this board, but whatever you do, don't go to the SPY board if you don't wanna see some real whine, its full over there...


        yeah I hear you as well, and keep saying that over & over but I think this small money would have a better place in a 3X etf somewhere like UPRO, SPXU, or TYP...


        PDC is cool, but if I play that space & wanna go risk reward I like ALY, but that PDC has better vol. and a channel, but I'm leaning towards those 3x etfs, only risk stock I see worth a small cap allocation to is VIFL, I found that on the BIOF board this morn tho its to late now lol...

    • Maybe more like rotting Grapes.... A nice wine or even champagne at the end..
      until then only whines are being served