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  • snobordnutt snobordnutt Jun 7, 2010 9:26 AM Flag

    Holy Crap Look At Those Books? Wahoooo

    The only shares for sale are the hedges. Peeps get ready to make some money?

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    • Hey Snob:

      I have to admit that your shams are quite transparent, but I don't give a rats A** what you post because I don't invest based on these boards. Anyhow, I am mostly on the sidelines at this point after shorting the recent fall of the markets in general. (I consider that an educated lucky play). It also helps to have friends that place block trades for big banks.

      The markets are such a crap shoot... HLCS is still an itch I like to scratch but I would not bet the family farm on it. I recently pulled everything with the exception of 2.5K that I spread out over four Pharma companies that are so beaten up its not funny. I sleep much better now!


    • The stars are telling. So Snob's got 5 aliases / henchmen in his court. Not to mention a fragile ego. Bravo.

    • If you think you're bolstering your credibility keep on yammering. This thread will resurface in the future.

    • LOL. Take your meds and think happy thoughts. It will be OK. I don't work for a trading desk at all.

      I'm here because of the connections I've made in the past. They're a good decent people including yourself that maybe don't know all that is going on.

      This is a big and crazy world you are in. If your looking for holiness and purity your in the wrong place. You either learn to play the game or suffer. Its a simple equation.

      Did you play sports? Think about the referee and how lose or tight he calls the game. You can claim your being hacked but if the calls aren't being made you better stop whinning and just play the game the way its being called. No psycobable just street sense homey.

    • Spare the psychobabble. My frustration is with liars like you who are so arrogant to think their transparent lies are actually believable. I'm calling you out, publicly.

      You should look in the mirror and ask yourself how can you possibly do good in the world with a campaign of lies and deceit?

      You definitely work for a trading desk. It's been my hypothesis that you and Mad are in cahoots.

    • "You can't attack deception with deception."

      I have been.I maybe a dummy but I didn't ride this down like you?

      "I'm here to share quantitative DD information that can be analyzed for it's merit on a factual basis using rational discussion."

      There's a few that are passing on information including yourself. You are acting a little Pompous.

      You sound a little like a Madmoonson whom is above reproach? Are you his twin?

      I don't work for the hedge. Your frustration with your investment decisions and the fear and anger that follows is leaking out now in your post to me.

      Free speech? Your threats create no fear for me. Grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. Its a sign of healthy emotional behavior and its a key indicator that you are maturing and growing into adulthood.

    • is this really snob??? if so welcome back???

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      • Thanks for the welcome back. That post was for another board. I'm just hovering and posting under aliases to negate the crap from non share holders as they continously try to beat this down. There's got to be something that keeps them here hammering HLCS. If there was no value they wouldn't continously bash. I think It's the traders for the house that are bashing. Just one or 2 with multiple aliases that are short or maybe part of a bigger plan? MCAP of 30 million? Where's Correlgan?

    • I'm ready snob. Welcome back