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  • jadsterxx jadsterxx Jan 6, 2007 7:02 PM Flag

    PRPFX is a nice diversifier

    Interesting mix of Swiss franc assets, stocks, gold/silver.

    20 years up and 3 years down....says a lot.

    ER of 1.35% is a little high, but you sleep well with this one.

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    • I created my own PRPFX with my mix of gold, silver, and platinum bullion, US treasuries, and US Savings bonds, along with my state's municipal bonds. I don't think my allocation is as good as PRPFX though. I just want to hold physical precious metals and keep them in a safe place. Good luck to you all and I hope you have at least $300k in this fund, since you may have to rely on the principle for the next 6 years.

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      • Fair enough, but I think I'll just stick with PRPFX where I get everything in one fund instead of trying to cobble it together myself from all those different asset classes. Plus with your method you have no aggressive growth or real estate stocks. And I like the Swiss Francs thing with PRPFX.
        Nope, I don't have anywhere near 300K in this fund. Hell, my whole port isn't even at 300K yet. And I can live with that. How did you come up with 300K as the amount one needs in this fund for the next 6 years???

    • It also has bonds in its portfolio. I wish I had bought some in 2001 (!), but I only found out about it in the last half of last year. I read one of Harry Browne's books in the early 1980s and wish I had opened a Swiss bank account like he advised. Anyway, I got some of this fund in January, and it's up over 6% -- seems pretty good to me.

      Another message talks about its weird correlation to the market. Its R-squared is very low, which means it's not very market-driven. (Of course really it's driven by at least four different markets -- stocks, bonds, precious metals, and fixed interest, plus cash.)

      In its portfolio it says one investment goal is protection of purchasing power, which it has done very well since 2001.

    • Actually, you shouldn't sleep well with this one...the dollar is gaining strength...and the manager here is bearish on the dollar. You will lose money here.

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      • I would expect this fund to rebalance its holdings as conditions change to emphasize asset classes coming into favor. Its a curious combination of gold/silver, currencies, material stocks, and aggressive growth stocks. Its got a long history of generally positive returns. Never hits it out of the park, but hardly ever gives up any ground at all.

    • I've owned it for less than a year and it has had steady, wave-like growth (up and down daily but an overall up trend). I hold it for the diversity of it's holdings and think it will continue to track upwards.

    • Over the long term this is the best fund in its category (conservative allocation). It is #2 over 3 years and #1 over 5 years. Beats the rest of them hands down.

      >ER of 1.35% is a little high, but you sleep well with this one.

      You will sleep even better, if you buy it on dips.


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