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  • rousehowse rousehowse Aug 12, 2008 12:36 PM Flag

    PRPFX looking real bad

    The manager has failed to adjust, and maintained certain position steadfastly, failing to look at the big picture. The performance is now abysmal.

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    • This manager is an imbecile....he has totally fukked up. This is a high risk fund, and I have been slaughtered in it. I'd like to put the manager in a chair and beat the shit out of him.

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      • You seem not to understand at all this fund's charter, which is that it follows a strictly structured asset allocation that was presented at least in general form over 25 years ago. This is not a fund where the manager does whatever he wants to do.

        Beyond that, this is in fact a low-risk fund. In the last twelve months it has not varied a lot, especially compared to the overall stock market. If you look it up on you will find that it is very highly ranked in its category every year back through 2001, and its annualized performance is top 1 percent in its category for the 3, 5, and 10-year periods, top 5% for the last 12 months, and top 8% for the year-to-date. It hasn't done quite as well in the last few months, but that's in part because a fixed percentage of it is in aggressive growth stocks -- according to its charter. Everyone knows that stocks have not done well recently.

        This is a very good fund. If it doesn't match your preferences, there are thousands of other funds you could consider.

    • Then by all means, sell your shares and real investors like me will be there to buy em up.
      The mandate of PRPFX is not to adjust, but to hold fairly fixed amounts of it's asset classes.
      You should learn about a fund before you own it.

    • Morningstar Return Rating: High
      Year to Date Return: 4.33%
      5-Year Average Return: 12.91%
      Number of Years Up: 22
      Number of Years Down: 3
      Best 1-Yr Total Return (2003): 20.45%
      Worst 1-Yr Total Return (1984): -12.93%
      Best 3-Yr Total Return (2002-4): 15.56%
      Worst 3-Yr Total Return (1983-85): 0.98%

    • The prospectus specifies the percentages in the various asset classes.

      In effect it has at least six different asset classes: precious metals, domestic fixed income, foreign fixed income, domestic real estate, foreign real estate, aggressive growth stocks, and cash. (Have I missed any?)

      I got some of this fund in January and am quite pleased with it and just last week decided to add more. Today with the overall market down about 2%, it was down only 0.74% -- or 74 cents decline on $100. I'll take that in a bear market any day!

      As others have said, this is a conservative allocation fund. Expect it to be conservative (including when the bear market ends)!

    • It has lost all of it's gains this year and then some.

    • The point of this fund is to provide an inflation and (to a lesser extent) a currency hedge, something it's doing very well. I'm still up 9% since getting in a little over a year ago which really isn't too bad considering the rest of the market. This is a conservative fund and you have to have realistic expectations.

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      • Ditto..Conservative Fund, that beats it Comparable Index of the likes of VWELX, VWINX..( Bal. Index Funds)

        And Keep in mind> FP's and Alike Pro's HATE Bal. Funds! LOL..I've been to a baker's dozen of them in past few yrs and when I present them My Retirement Port, tell them to just beat it by 2% apy and they say they can't do much better for me..LOL


        When you suspect a Bear is Loaming? Load up on the Reit, FPACX ,PRPFX and WMRIX as I did this past Jan. and as soon as you notice your funds COH going down? Get back into The other Funds

        Worked for me since 1998...

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