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  • wallworry wallworry Nov 4, 2008 11:56 PM Flag

    Dudes, get ready to inflate.

    Turning very bullish here, jumped up my rating. May be a lag but expecting a longer term big uptick.

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    • Are you insane? What are you trying to say?

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      • One of the crappy things about Yahoo boards is that you can never be sure who is responding to whom.

        If you were responding to my original post, thank you for your reply. Although you could be responding to the other replies, let me then say on their behalf that your post is rather rude, adds nothing, but perhaps requires a bit of clarification from me on what we are talking about.

        OK, ready? Although we have seen a huge sell-off and all around falling asset prices, there is a hidden inflation brewing, first in the form of the TARP plan we see being implemented and soon to follow in my opinion, a all out, non-counterparty, printing of money and severe devaluation of the dollar. Still with me? OK. This should result in this fund doing very well.

        I take for granted too much, and felt a simple one sentence post would be enough. I apologize.

        You have every right to disagree on the course of this fund.

    • This fund will shine in all economic situations. Harry Browne IMHO was a very smart investor. Reading his stuff has opened my eyes to real diversification...way beyond just stocks and bonds. This is a great sleep at night fund. I am a young investor but am thinking of putting 100% of my Roth IRA into it and forgetting about it for 30 years.

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      • Whoa - let's not get carried away! For young investors having everything or even most of a portfolio in a conservative allocation fund would not be the usual advice, unless you're very risk intolerant. I own this one, but it's only part of my portfolio. I don't think any one fund, even a very good one, is all and everything. Have a look at OAKBX, for example -- a moderate allocation fund with a great track record. And that's just another balanced fund. Young investors ought to look at equity funds or ETFs.

      • I agree. While we now know that no mutual fund is totally SAFE, this fund is probably one of the safest of them all!!

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