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  • rcrane_aig_legal rcrane_aig_legal Jun 22, 2012 7:01 PM Flag

    Don't want to whine, but this fund is killing me

    Man o man. I have been in this fund for over a year. I went into it after doing a lot of comprehensive research and felt comfortable. At the same time I invested in 8 other funds such as VWINX, VWELX, VWESX, VNJTX, SPY ETF and the Yackman funds (Focus and YACKX) With the other funds I'm able to chart, and have a good idea as to how they are doing in real time. All of them are in positive territory, except this one.

    This fund is really a mystery! I have read the other comments on this board, and it still doesn't seem right! On days when I think it will be up big (like today) it is up a meager .06 %!! Gold was up .5% the S and P was up .75 and the Nas was up 1.2% and Silver was up as well! Yesterday when the Dow was down 250 points, this fund on a percentage basis was worse!!

    Did I just pick the worse time to get into this fund? Is it a good time just to get out? I want to be patient, but this dog is really killing my portfolio.

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    • crane

      If you wanted to put some of your money in a "safe" place but not in a bank account where inflation would eat it up, where would you go?

      Wasn't that the question you asked yourself before committing to the Permanent Portfolio Fund??

      Yes, when you invest in many different asset classes like you do in this fund you incur some short term risks but you are in this for the long run.

      Hang in there.....

    • In a very general way, this fund is a dollar hedge (because it's trying to preserve the purchasing power of its shareholders' principal). On days when the dollar goes up, PFPFX tends to go down -- and vice versa. Another example of something that tends to zig when PRPFX zags is TLT -- long US Treasurys. Compare those two graphs.

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