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  • debrat4062 debrat4062 Dec 10, 2012 10:57 PM Flag

    Time to Buy?

    Do you feel that the current price of $48 and change is a good time to buy shares of PRPFX?

    Looking at the fund's 1 year history, $48 seems to be in the high end of historic prices... I truly want to invest in the Permanent Portfolio, but don't want to buy at a high price.

    Thanks for any input!

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    • Thank you all for your input - I've moved some of my investments into PRPFX today!

    • High is ~$50 so you are off the high.

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      • i bought in a year and half ago about this price.....the fund has paid out 2 times as cash dividends since then. Not large payouts, but certainly part of reasoning to own. I hold this as a part of my investments that let me sleep at night. No large growth expected, and downside fairly protected.
        Originally gold was held to protect against i see gold and other precious metals as protection of buying power, without inflation as a factor. Coupled with the diversity of treasury funds, large cap stocks and real estate holdings.....I feel my investment is both protected and has potential of growing. I intend to stay long at these levels.
        If I were you....see gold go down for one

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    • Well, do you think the stock market will advance or decline; do you think the dollar crisis will start to snowball soon, or will it remain the safe haven that many still believe it to be?

      These are the sorts of questions you need to ask yourself. While prpfx seems high historically, it has not done too much the last year, so it's possible that its ready for a breakout.. Since I believe its strength is stability in all sorts of situations, and especially good in times of high inflation, I hold it long term. But to try to time it? As Harry Browne used to say, nobody has a crystal ball.

      If you're worried about timing, you could spread out your buys - i.e. dollar cost averaging.

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