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  • empire29_lake empire29_lake Mar 7, 2013 12:09 PM Flag


    These people are absolute JOKES. In two months this stock has gone from a yearly high of .75 to a yearly low of .45. What have they done. NOTHING. There answer to what is happening to CP-300. To early to tell. That is no answer. Maybe Khosla can do someting, but you have to have something to sell. Looks like IGXT doesn't.

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    • That's nonsense. Edgemont is the one you want selling this. Yes they are not a familiar name but they are specialists who have done very well selling a very similar drug in their hi-power Prozac drug.
      I bet Edgemont is selling Forfivo just fine. They don't have alot of things to preoccupy them-just one other product so they really have no choice anyways but to put full focus and effort on it and I think they are driven that even if they have to force success to a certain extent they have the power to do that. They definitely have the connections because their exes are former high profile big pharma players. I think their first line salesforce is around 150 people strong and then they have other contracted secondary outlets (whatever you call them, I forgot) They are also good dealmakers like Khosla. I would not underestimate them on sales with this because their other product which like I said is a high powered Prozac is essentially the same kind of drug and they have had very good experience and success with that drug so far selling it. These guys are basically plugging Forfivo into the same sales channel they did their high dose Prozac which has been a success so let's see if they duplicate which they should I think.

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