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  • pvb8_man pvb8_man Jul 24, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Hey "rocks"

    If YOU wanna call what I do here..."bashing" all means, GO FOR IT....hahahaha....LoL ! Yet, in comparison to the "incessant msg posting / PUMPING" done by "biowreck" and "Bernie", the sum of my msgs
    is nearly..... 'NIL'......Rotflmao ! YOUR problem is - - - you DON'T LIKE what "moi" has to....SAY.... n'est pas !??? (that is not moi's problem - - I'm not responsible for your..."bigotry"....I am, however, entitled to the
    opinions I have about this company - - - this IS a "free country" (don't know if CANADA is, or, not - - - never been there......LOL)

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    • Bigotry?????? Really. Dude seek help. Then you use French in your comments??? Now I know where the ignorance comes from. All I am saying is bashing leads to negative thoughts, negative thoughts lead to negative actions. Has nothing to do with the content of what you are saying it is the tone or your comments.

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      • LOL....yeah, you keep concerning yourself with my "TONE".... as IGXT sinks into its DEEP HOLE,
        again.....hahahahahaha ! "IGNORE"-ance comes from having a BIASED opinion about this stock and attacking those who don't share that opinion on this public thread - - F.a.c.T. ! Hey.... MOI does
        not care if posters want to BUY this stock - - more power to 'em - - they're just "pissin' in the wind", imo.....Rotflmao !

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