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  • ishkibabble ishkibabble May 17, 2011 8:17 PM Flag


    C'mon, obl_...ONE FACT.

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    • Here's one fact: This company does not comply with SEC mandates.

      They do not issue timely financials and the ones they do provide are not credible because they have not been audited. You may be tempted to think they don't comply because they are not required to and complying costs a lot of money, but those requirements are there to protect investors.

      This company publishes a story that many want to like, but there is no credibility. For those of you who want to think "small investment for a huge potential", go buy a shovel and dig up your yard looking for buried treasure. You are much more likely to find buried treasure than seeing this company be hugely profitable.

      If this company did manage some major break through (absolutely hypothetical) there's no credibility that all the successes won't be passed to another company or directly to the major principal and not rewarding shareholders.

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