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  • gspi_foreva gspi_foreva Aug 18, 2011 9:52 AM Flag

    Suddenly a croud

    I've been making claims about GSPI for a long time. Through my hard work the stock finally rises and a bunch of new yokles show up claiming GSPI is a winner and they've known it all along.


    GSPI is what it is because of me touting it and not you touting it.


    Good success to all shareholders.
    not telling anyone to buy or sell<JMHO>
    ( just my honest opinion )

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    • No such word as "croud".
      Credibility is greatly enhanced with literacy.

      GSPI is what it is because of you touting it? Really?
      You made this great company a penny-pink-sheet, highly speculative, high risk, roll the dice, gamble?

    • I guess I screwed you over.

    • The other difference is you are a liar...

      Making money on this POS and it being legit are not one and the same... All you need to male money on this stock is be patient and be comfortable screwing someone over...

    • I think your pretty entertaining myself. Difference is I made money your didn't.

    • Man, what is your problem anyway? Seems if people don't agree with you, you either make fun of them or find a way to trash them.
      Calling people a loser because they actually understand this stock, is pathetic, and this coming from someone who has proven on this board they have no clue how to research a stock.

      Speaking of losers did you invest in the China construction company because it is called Greenstar? LOL!!!
      Unfortunately for you, as the old adage goes, Tis better to be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt ... you removed all doubt when you fell for the construction jobs for Greenstar. When in less than one minute I figured out it was a construction company in China not anywhere near being associated with Joe. Now that is what I call a loser.
      Besides you told us you were leaving for a better board where people are positive on this stock. I would guess you couldn't find one, which is a pretty big hint that this is a proven scam. As I said before every board I have been to has PO'd stockholders on it that have been taken. LOL, once again you opened your mouth and removed all doubt, since you are still here.
      Actually I hope you stay you provide some serious entertainment value to this board that, no doubt, makes many of us laugh.

    • Report them if you so strongly believe. Other than that it is Blah Blah Blah, your not looking out for no one. Your a LOSER.

    • oh yeah, I'm very open minded but GSPI being a scam is not my opinion. It's a fact.

    • You keep lying. You do not believe in GSPI. You are betting people will buy the hype. Stop denying it.

      You are not betting on the merit of the company but the gullibility of potential shareholders.

      My comments about gambling here is only GSPI. Don't feel bad for me for recognizing a scam.

    • I gamble here like I gamble on all stocks I like. And if you think investing is a sure thing, I feel sorry for you. I believe in them and hope to make money. Like Sirius, I believe in them, I made money at the right time before the market crashed on them. But, will buy back. I think I will just ignored people like you and your kind. It's tiresome responding to a negative, your not going to change me and I am not going to change you. Everyone is a liar or stupid that does not agree with you.

    • I won't speak for you. Either you agree with me or you are a liar. With this company there's no middle ground.

      Gamble here if you like. There are no shortages in stupid people. It's probably a good bet that Joe will keep finding them...

      As I've said before, I was stupid and got lucky others were stupid too. I got out. Why lie about your motives here because you know this company will never succeed with it green initiatives. I'm all for going green, just stop lying about why you gamble here...

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