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  • maclad04 maclad04 Sep 20, 2005 6:01 PM Flag

    What's Up w/TXRH...

    Very straightforward:

    [1] It's not splits, it's the Hurricane headed straight to Texas that is causing this 8% + drop in price. Restaurants and the retail sector are also getting hit.
    [2] Let's face it F.V. is still above $30 even if you factor in the higher price of oil/gas. Will it have an effect? Yes. But how long an effect remains to be seen.
    [3] Go to the TXRH webpage. It is obvious that TXRH has a huge exposure in Texas to any natural disaster, because the bulk of it's restaurants are located there. Even though TXRH has the appropriate coverages in place just as it did with Katrina, there will be a decline in sales if the worst were to happen.

    What to do?
    Good question I wish I knew. I would think that after this scenario has played out, and TXRH is still trading near 6 month lows that it represents a great buying opportunity.

    Take care,

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    • Oh I get it... Texas Roadhouse has over 200 locations IN 39 STATES and 31 of them are located in Texas.. AND Texas is bigger than most countries on this earth.... AND because a hurricane that might do some damage near the Gulf coast,AND MIGHT hit part of a state that is about as large as most countries on this earth, the stocked dropped about 8 1/2%..
      - - - - - - - - - - I think that might be a bit of a stretch.... Maybe there's a better reason for the drop...

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      • Sure Buzz,
        TXRH has been trading at $32 to $33 level for weeks and in one day trades 4x the normal volume with a 8.75% hit, coincidentally at the same time a Category 4 hurricane is speeding toward Texas.

        And your theory is:
        [1] Naked shorts
        [2] Cramer burped while mentioning TXRH on his call in show.
        [3] People are heading back to Outback because Outback is serving peanuts, and will let them throw the shells on the floor.
        [4] The Trilateral commission.
        [5] Gas is just too darn expensive. I'm not eating out at a Texas Roadhouse unless I live right across the street from one.
        [6] Evil management is dumping shares and they're using Rita as a cover story.

        Keep up the good work.

        PS: If you don't believe me here's a 5 day chart amigo.

42.06+1.34(+3.29%)May 2 4:00 PMEDT