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  • camguy99nine camguy99nine May 31, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    Jimbo BUSTED using his EYOV11 and REXSVETTE aliases

    Newbies, this FREAK is working this nothing penny stock board with his REXSVETTE alias and his NEWLY ARRIVED EYOV11 alias on the board today with some sort of stupid banter as if this stock is a hot item. Look what I found EXPOSING this #$%$ once again.

    Go to the MESSAGE BOARD ARCHIVE below, once there look at the VERY UNIQUE ABBREVIATION searched in the SEARCHED in the search box. Then look at the ONLY TWO ALIASES EVER to have been credited with using it on this nothing board....gee FREAK another AMAZING COINCIDENCE, eh tough guy.

    Now watch all his aliases magically show up and get used to BOMBARD the board to spin, distract and push my post down the list away from your eyes.

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    • He's at it again, after having these 2 aliases not used for awhile, he's back with them as well. READ THE FIRST POST ON THIS THREAD.

    • NEWBIES read the first post on this thread to see how this SCAM LOSER is working this board.

    • SCAM at work here folks read my posts to understand the FREAK behind all these aliases.

      He's posting away in the middle of the night with his


      to push my posts down the list away from the naive newbies eyes he hopes to scam tomorrow with his PUMP attempts on this nothing stock.

    • Give it rest FREAK, nobody is buying into your late night spew much less during the day when you bombard this nothing board of this nothing (but easily manipulated) stock.

      BTW, newbies, Jimbo only uses his EYOV11 alias here after bringing it out of hibernation about a month ago of having it sit idle for 3 years. Proof:

      41 posts TOTAL
      Last Activity: 2 hours 0 minutes ago Member since: Dec 30, 2009

      Check it's archive for proof.

      And I have proven many times it's him, READ THE FIRST POST IN THIS THREAD.

      Now, it like many of his other FIXATED aliases only are used here and KNOW WAY TOO MUCH and are way to concerned about this nothing stock always one of the many PROOFS of tying them to Jimbo....the pattern is so obvious.

      Guess your drinking heavy again tonight like I stated earlier eh tough guy. You disgust me with your socio-pathic behavior.

    • Give it a rest FREAK. Even using all yours NEWLY CREATED aliases and bombarding the board with them simply EXPOSING your STUPID SCAMMING ways even more.

      NEWBIES, read the FIRST POST ON THIS THREAD to learn about this FREAK.

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