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  • camguy99nine camguy99nine Jun 12, 2013 6:44 PM Flag


    Newbies, check out my previous post:

    "Have you notice JIMBO's after hours bombardment with his SPAMBOTS"

    I just posted to understand how this pathetic full time penny stock scammer uses his arsenal of many MULTIPLE ALIASES on this nothing boards to sucker naive newbies.

    Gee FREAK, amazing how they always so up in unison AFTER HOURS and on such nothing of a stock board....but it is one you attempt to manipulate for your beer money, right tough guy?

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    • Lookie newbeis, not he's rolled out his NYSE_TRADER alias (which use to be just a SPAMBOT of his).
      All this action in the very early morning hours on this nothing board of this nothing stock.
      But it is a board Jimbo attempts to manipulate to sukker in newbies for his beer money with his PUMP and DUMP army of aliases.

      READ THE FIRST POST ON THIS THREAD TO UNDER MORE. And then watch him post quickly to regain that top post position that is so important to's his life.

    • S_C_A_M pump and dump at work by this freak and ALL HIS ALIASES read the first post on this thread

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      • camguy99nine you are fulltime s u k k er who s ,,, u ,,, c ,,,k s without money i am penny stocker but you are p ,,,, i,,,, n ,,, i,,,, s ; s ,,, u,,, k ,,,, e,,,, r ,, if you go for postmartem of your body doctors will find in your body every nationality you have s ,,, u ,,, c ,,, k ,,, e,,, d now can i ask you how many newlead shares you got you old ugly drinker , why dont you jump in your toilet and take bath then may be your dirty smell will go away, enjoy my post , if you dont stop now writting,i will give you much more respect, same like this, you piece of big #$%$

    • ALERT Jimbos working on up to 200 posts today trying to PUMP this pig and push my posts down the list away from your eyes. Read the first post on this thread.

    • Wowie FREAK, something like 15 posts with your SPAMBOTs in like 10 minutes in order to push my posts EXPOSING YOUR SCAM down the list away from the newbies eyes.

      NAIVE NEWBEIS read the first post on this thread to see what the loser JAMES DAVID MOODY, WINDER GA (google it), who has infected this nothing board for years is attempting on this easily manipulated LOW VOLUME penny stock.

    • Proof of the NEWLY ARRIVED NYSE_TRADER alias being JAMES DAVID MOODY. Read the first post on this thread.

    • camguy99nine...i checked your message history...i do see only one crazy person is YOU !!! you post all those non sense for over a month. Are you ok? go to doctor to take some pills moron ! You need are talking absolutlu non sense...! it is time to ignore yoo..i do not like to see and read all those crapy posts...

    • I do not see any Jimbo !! Period

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      • LMAO, FREAK you did not disappoint, I knew you were stressing about my posts being at the top of the message board you think you control....oh Jimbo your definitely drinking and posting (SEVEN POSTS in the last hour) in the middle of the night....and it's typically a dead board at this time.

        You must really be scared I'm gonna spoil your little attempt at this PUMP you've been working so hard today after bashing the stock with ALL YOUR ALIASES for the last coupla days.

        In the dead of night you've go your:

        NYSE_TRADER alias with it's broken english spewing drivel.

        and then you had your

        REXSVETTE alias pop in with more bs #$%$ about why to buy into this nothing stock.

        NEWBIES, a SCAM is at work here. READ THE FIRST POST ON THIS THREAD to understand whose behind all these aliases that if were real different people, they wouldn't be here.

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