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  • eyov11 eyov11 Jun 12, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

    Can't determine whether:

    1. Shorts have taken control and driving the price down;
    2. Bad news is coming; and/or
    3. Good news is coming after the price is driven down.

    But where will the price find support because currently, support has evaporated.

    For those who say buy all you can, well, buy and possibly watch the price continue lower.

    The company needs to submit the Form 20-F containing some good news soon.

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    • 300 000 SHARES have been dumped at the close. 300 000 shares is nothing compare to 500 millions shares .it is less than 1 % ! So , I think this is a action of the market makers ..They dump 0,6% of the total number of shares and that decrease the price with more than 10% ?!?!? is that normal. I do not think so. According to me this is an action by those crooks ( market makers ) . They stell all those stop limit orders. Many people saw that 0.16 is bottom and use stop limit orders bellow that price. I think that the opening price today will be over 0.16 usd...but who know ? let see what is going to happen. If this is not the case, we are cheated by the company inside. They use fake news to pump the price and to dump all those shares before delisting and OTC trading. I do not trust all those company from China and Greece. They all cook their books ! Especially China ! 10% down on 300 000 shares traded at the end is brutal action....

    • Yahoo finance shows bid 0.10 ask 1.13
      Why the gap is so big?

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