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  • kmcmahon38 kmcmahon38 Sep 27, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    This stock is going much higher folks........

    Anytime you see a stock explode to the upside on 10x the avg daily volume, you better be prepared. Obviously after a 94% gain in one day there is going to be some sellers coming into the market the following day but if you looked a FREE when it exploded on volume, there was some selling and it just kept rallying. Can you imagine how this thing will take off once the announcement is made that the mine deal has officially closed? Look at above that is all I can say. Management states that they believe Q$ eps will be positively impacted from the aquisition. We are the next 10 bagger folks.

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    • finkbrian Sep 28, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

      this thing gonna take off pre markey monday !!! open .18.19 .31 high !! way oversold here !!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Except of course when the company issues a press release retracting the claims it made about a contract that made the stock go up in the first place. But like you, so many penny stock dreamers on this board choose to ignore the facts in the release because you want the stock to go up so bad. Best scenario is that the stock settles in around .15 and then they issue a confirmation of an actual contract with details. Then the stock may move. The other possibility is that the seller backs out of course and NEWL goes back to .10.

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      • erikthebassist Sep 28, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

        mlady with all due respect you keep regurgitating the same error. The revision was NOT a retraction of the mine deal. The first mine, the Viking mine, is a done deal. In the same PR they also said they "Expect" to close the deal on a second mine in Kentucky by the end of Q3. The revision was to clarify that the second deal was in "Advanced Negotiations". There was no retraction, no done deal that was undone. Stop spreading false information and go back and reread the original PR and revision.

      • Good post mlady6968. I've been day-trading stocks for a long time. You have real companies with real earnings. To include real products and services and forward earnings, things like that- that make them a promising investment prospect. I've also had the bug like you see with these long shots like NEWL. It's nice to log into your account and see 100,000 to 300,000 shares of stock sitting just waiting for any move at all to make that big hit..

        As a fellow dreamer, one day it may happen. I sat and watched SIRI trade at 11-12 cents for 2 months before pulling the trigger and buying just over 100,000 shares at 12 cents. I sold half at $3.04 per-share and bought a house and a new car down in Florida. The rest still sits in my account. Of course, SIRI has a whole different business model. And there was a big chance it would go into C-11 at anytime, but it didn't. So today I keep a lions share of my money in strong companies. And the rest I play long shots like NEWL.

        As far as the business models and earnings? There's better prospects out there. To those long shot players out there, keep your eyes open and your hand on the trigger at all times.
        Good luck investors...

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Why didn't the stock go up immediately after Sept.18 (day of PR) instead of yesterday?

    • This is what is going to happen....they are going to push the pps as high as they can just before the split and then the day of it may trade down to flat but given that this sector is on fire I expect whatever the RS price finally comes out to be trading at will push much higher my opinion is on this one to hold

    • I think so !!!
      It may not need the RS is NEWL moves back to $1

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