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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Sep 4, 2003 7:26 AM Flag

    ann - re ION ... OT!!

    Not my cup of water, thanks.... I don't know how to value a company that undoubtedly is "in the right place," but with new mgt., heaven knows what additional housecleaning (and not of the painful RIF variety) remains.

    And while that makes that big short position understandable, this has got to be one thin stock (97% of float said to be in hands like Fidelity), so you could come up trumps, easily.

    You might want to navigate through to their 52! page report on ION -- they DO!! lead off with a summary, since your family has a better claim, IMO, on the 2 hours or so it would take to read that carefully!

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    • Will check out some of the Lemony picks, TY.

      ION and CUB are not going to move fast, imho...When they get good news, then there should be faster and more short covering.
      Do you ever look at Thomson? It has been quite interesting where ION is concerned! It can be a contrary indicator so I just look for fun.

      Did I mention the conference I may be going to..about 90% sure..just waiting to hear from mon pere who is in France and Switz at present.(he was in charge of making the reservations for us) I am really excited as it is a conference with people like Richard Russell and Thom C..also it is in New Orleans!
      My brother is with T. Weisel and said a bunch of mgrs from there are going so it should be well attended. He can't go though..bummer as I would've liked to explore New Orleans at night and don't see the papa out late.

      End of October..for 5 days

      Sold vra, yuck.. story which I can't post.

    • It has retraced and I bought this am..hope it is done retarcing!
      This market is interesting.

    • Sorry you're experiencing "air pockets" or some such.... I think this is one of the most certain to appreciate 50% within 6 months stocks I know of.... Don't bail out prematurely.

    • I own and like SCKT also. Just purchased MTRX yesterday.

    • Don't throw all caution to the winds -- I, too, took a little off the table; one never knows when one is fighting "old battles" -- i.e., 2001 -- when the combination of overoptimism (including mine) and everyone throwing in the towel simultaneously meant that the only good positions, basically, were shorts.

      I like the market tone -- who wouldn't? -- but I keep wondering if/when we're way ahead of ourselves.

      I *WILL* look hard at CUB -- your more daring (30 cents -- have you no ? ... or too much/many?!) ideas are just too daring for me. I have one "cheapie," SCKT; I've come to realize that Fidelity takes too big a bite on low-priced stocks (their algorithm penalizes large tickets in terms of number of shares.

      Plus, margin gets to be a problem.

      So, as per your request, I like WEDC, FRGO, OSIS, IDCC, MEDW -- good hearing from/"talking to" you!

    • ION is doing fine, I remain long.

      I did a lot of research on it and feel it will continue up. Especially with the high short %.
      The macd and relative strength are good here. We will see.
      Another stock I own, CUB, much better fundamentals also has high short int. %.

      If you get a chance and have the interest..the IONICS web site is good, info, the technology, project info..Clean Water, and they make salt water, waste water etc...clean! Amazing technology

      I sold MTRX as I think it may retrace to 18-19
      I will buy it again. For now I am fully invested and going with what I have.

      I hope you are doing well. Are you in any gold or energy stocks? I am in more stocks under $5 than I ever imagined and so far so good. That Thom C letter has been great for idea's in the sub 5 stocks. (KRY, ITRA).

      Even got a .30 stock VRA, now at .34.

      What are you 'high' on, stock wise of course! :-)

      Have a great one!

    • Thanks very much for looking. Liked the cup of

      I will hold my little position in ion and see what happens.

      • 1 Reply to ann234368
      • I garbled my response a little -- I can understand the big short position, BUT think that it's probably a positive at this point; this is the kind of market where (I know I'm glad *I* did) covering shorts is "indicated."

        That certainly (again, of course, IMO), given the thinness, should be a plus for you.

        But ... the new guy -- it seems to be Mgt. 101 to trim headcount; whether he's cutting into bone only time'll tell. There's a great ppbk about Best Business Stories of 2002 (I think that's the most recent) with a hatchet piece on "Chainsaw Al...." I'm not for one minute smearing ION's new guy, but I'd be interested as to whether he's done great things elsewhere. ION presents some major challenges; settling the construc. dispute probably was a good thing, but I'm sure you know how it works; the new guy has a grace period to "resolve" past problems any way he sees fit -- what that will do for "shareholder value," again -- stay tuned! And if the economy picks up, he could lose some key people if they perceive him to be "ruthless."

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