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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Sep 4, 2003 10:17 AM Flag

    ann - re ION ... OT!!

    I garbled my response a little -- I can understand the big short position, BUT think that it's probably a positive at this point; this is the kind of market where (I know I'm glad *I* did) covering shorts is "indicated."

    That certainly (again, of course, IMO), given the thinness, should be a plus for you.

    But ... the new guy -- it seems to be Mgt. 101 to trim headcount; whether he's cutting into bone only time'll tell. There's a great ppbk about Best Business Stories of 2002 (I think that's the most recent) with a hatchet piece on "Chainsaw Al...." I'm not for one minute smearing ION's new guy, but I'd be interested as to whether he's done great things elsewhere. ION presents some major challenges; settling the construc. dispute probably was a good thing, but I'm sure you know how it works; the new guy has a grace period to "resolve" past problems any way he sees fit -- what that will do for "shareholder value," again -- stay tuned! And if the economy picks up, he could lose some key people if they perceive him to be "ruthless."

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