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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Oct 9, 2003 9:17 AM Flag

    I'm out... for now

    Thank heavens for "extended hours" trading ... or curses (NOT like the curse of the Bambino, I hope, I hope) if that turns out to apply.

    Mine is/was the print of 5000 @ 19.10 @ 9:10 or so.

    As I say, we'll see whether the buyer or the seller has the "first laugh" real soon.

    I missed a similar sale by a penny or so yesterday near mid-day and had a VERY bad feeling before a little strength near the close.

    For what it's worth, my "take" is that this IS a very skittish market. MTRX' honchos cautiousness may be excessive, may be respected and/or discounted, ... but my bet (a huge one by my standards) is that MTRX will trade down to $18 or less today.

    I dare say I'm influenced a tiny bit by one or 2 posts around here that I've seen that say, "When the execs talk, the stock sinks."

    L-T-All! ... I'll be WAHtching ... too!

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    • You gotta admit -- you took a "New York style and sized attitude" near the open!

      I couldn't agree more as to MTRX' fundamentals, but -- I envy you if you stick to 30 minutes a day -- this is a market where one has to balance LT value against ST considerations.... Not suprisingly, we differed on MTRX in the latter regard today; I'll tip my hat to you but reserve the right to smile depending on the 4 PM price -- I've learned NOT to imagine that I'd have sold at 9:45 if that proves to be the high water mark.

      Granted, my redeploying my MTRX funds on ALOG and STST may or may not prove to have been well-considered.... For all that I want to "stay in the game," I got burned WAY too bad in the dot-com days NOT TO BE TRIGGER happy. MTRX just doesn't feel right with its recent 16-21-18 moves -- I'm not talking charts, just my sense of "musical chairs."

      Peace and love -- and really! the very best of luck with your new gov. -- if he turns out to be better than Mr. Ventura, count yourself lucky! Heaven knows, the stakes are higher, and from what we hear "back East," Mr. Davis defines what it means to shoot oneself in the foot.

    • Well, I admit that I'm thoroughly confilicted.

      My daughter will marry someone SATURDAY who -- I overheard -- went borderline crazy on the Ortiz shot last night.

      But my son -- p.d. knowledgable -- has taught me that while the Yanks don't win 'em all, betting against them is like ... buying gold stocks -- if you hang in there long enough, you'll notch a win eventually, but it's more likely that you'll go bust before then.

      What I DO love is that this series looks competitive; but so did Yanks-Twins ... after 1 game!

    • Kudos -- post if & when; I'll try to remember to do the same!

    • list for about 5 minutes this morning...
      .. then it disappeared..

      If it pops back up on the list.. I plan to get back in ... should run up if it makes the list again..

    • I sold it at $19.3. Waiting for a low to get in.

    • Lemon:

      Do you think it's going to pick up a little bit after the conference call?

      • 1 Reply to cute88apple
      • Obviously -- no way to tell.... It's one of those what they say, how they say it, how it's heard things and anybody who can "intuit" how all that's gonna play is ... a Nostradamus with top props!

        I figure they'll talk like the wrote -- hopefully, a little sharper, since the release was a little murky (even given the uncertainties it referenced).... Which makes me think that if there's any weakness in the market, bigger (and smarter) folks than I will lighten up on MTRX, figuring that they can probably re-enter (later today or whenever) at the same or lower level.

        Oh yeah -- I pulled the trigger too soon; the tape doesn't lie.... But quite apart from an hour's worth of trading today, I'd rather leave a little on the table than push my chair away feeling REALLY bad about hangin' in a little too long.

        I stand by my -- "THIS IS ONE FINE STOCK." But there are others, and there definitely are times when watching from the sidelines is right for people who aren't unduly gutsy.

    • I got 19.28 for my shares after stock ran to 19.59..

      For future reference Asshole.. when a Company reports BLOWOUT earnings and the NAZ futures are plus 19.. we both should have gotten close to $20.00..

      Your early selling into those strong bids discouraged every one...

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