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  • cpa38 cpa38 Jan 8, 2004 3:50 PM Flag

    Competitive Reasons ?

    well, I won't being buying character if I am long MTRX. Will I?

    but rest assured ... for competitive reasons, I won't be telling you shit about my position in MTRX.

    This mgt team has something to hide.

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    • And you're repeating it over and over out of the goodness of your heart because you're worried about all your friends in here, right? I'm deeply touched by your concern.... :)

      • 3 Replies to zforce1954
      • For competitive reasons, I won't disclose whether or not I have friends ... ;)

        But I will tell, if I had friends, and they declared bankruptcy, I would disclose my writeoffs of any drug deal receivables I had with them .... :)

      • S/he's either short, hoping to get another good buying opportunity, got stopped out and is pissed, or is just a child. Either way, s/he doesn't know what s/he's doing. Put her on ignore.

      • The following article may explain the new CPA negative postings:


        Message boards such as Yahoo and Silicon Investor give investors the opportunity to share their views and comments as they may relate to a specific stocks or general investing. It also allows vindictive former employees, competitors, stock manipulators and others to publicly post their negative messages. Negative message posters are generally referred to as "bashers". In most cases these negative posters have "shorted" a certain stock and want to do all that they can to see the stock price move downward. You will find that most negative posters generally work in teams and will often exchange passwords with each other.

        When a certain stock comes under fire by groups of negative posters, there is almost always a negative effect on the company that is under attack. The negative posters or bashers will usually have a specific plan of attack. Not only will they post negative messages, they will also send messages to the SEC and other governmental agencies with unfounded and baseless allegations. They will often times contact suppliers and customers of the targeted company and flood them with negative information about the targeted company. The plan of the basher is to create havoc and cause sincere investors to lose confidence in the targeted company. In most circumstances negative posters are loosely organized although they rarely work alone. The negative posters are easy to find and will generally attack companies with weak fundamentals. In many cases they will work hand in hand with journalists, who thrive on negative journalism and hatchet job articles.

        Some basic rules of thumb in dealing with negative posters is to never directly interact with them. They are not your friends. They are not your pen pals. They generally lie and mis-represent the truth. Generally they are posting with the specific intent of hurting the company, financially and ultimately hurting your investment. Never engage in e-mail communication with the bashers and never ever base an investment decision on information posted on public message boards. Do your own independent due dilligence before investing.

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