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  • cowpieconsulting cowpieconsulting Jun 30, 2004 9:50 AM Flag

    Even a blind Squirrel

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now & then.

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    Re: WBR= $5.65 KMART= -$0.58 ???
    by: cowpieconsulting 06/16/03 03:44 pm
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    I am NOT defending KMRT, just a point of fact - the -$0.58 is the MRQ number, the actual current number is probably quite attractive. Prospects (IM Ignorant & HO) are poor for continued operation, but if liquidated now certain shareholders would be taken care of very well. Alternately, in my epidemiology courses I was always taught that the most successful parasites were not the ones that actually killed the "host" quickly, the most successful ones just sucked it dry and allowed their progeny to have a good start until they found another "host".

    Bull Chip, the original KM/KMRT Bull, & full of it.

    Posted as a reply to: Msg 275 by big_eleven_2000

    Let the Cow Pies fall where may,
    Now what was it that makes a successful parasite?

    Bull Chip

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