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  • newkmartemployee newkmartemployee Dec 31, 2004 10:41 AM Flag


    As a cashier at Walmart,in ONE HOUR, i was able to get HUNDREDS of customers though the checkout lines with tons of merchandise with no problems.

    When i worked for Kmrt recently, i was lucky to get 20 customers thought the checkout lines in 8 hours time

    Why? the checkout process was clustered eith all kinds of BS

    First,had to ask customers zipcodes
    (customers resented the question or wanted to know why or didnt know thier zip code..about one minute consumption time. or they spoke no english. when that happen one time,i just disregarded the question,then a customer behind the non english speaking said that was discrimination as kmart should have someone available to translate so non english speaking people put forth thier interests too )

    Second had to greet customers,ask then if they found everything
    (good god if they said no, then i would have to hold up the line and call someone to go looking,etc.)

    Third had to take off gator tags and other electronic devices off EVERYTHING because EVERYTHING had electronic tags----imagine the employee time to used company wide to place tags on everything. meanwhile the door alarm was going off worse than walmart. sometimes the gator tags would rip the clothing

    Fourth,virtually every customer was confused about what was on sale or two for one items. many times signs are vague or non existance or outdated)

    Fifth, kmart cashier policy required cashiers to talk to the customers. REAL SMART. my policy of survival as a cashier was "talk to a customer as your checking them out,your soon going with them out the door". when a cashier talks to a customer,the truth is the cashier will accidently MISS SCANNING items,or not give the right amount of change or forget to take off a tag.

    SIXTH then you have to ask each customer about the smartplan. just about EVERYTHING has the smart plan. the cashier has to stop,ask,stop,ask,stop,ask. then many customers say "what is that?" then you have to explain.

    SEVENTH then you had to ask,tell customers about gift cards,credit cards,.

    EIGHT all the tobacco products were located at the service desk,therefore when a customer asked for tobacco,the cashier had to walk away from the register to get the keys,then walk to the cigarette case ,take a walk,unlock 2 LOCKS and one BOLT,then relock. simplay one lock would have done the job

    SEVENTH tell each customer thaks for shopping mart....

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