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  • jml145 jml145 Sep 19, 2005 1:22 PM Flag

    Does Anyone Shop at SHLD???

    Sears, KMart... does anyone shop there ??? Have you been inside a KMArt or Sears.... just awful!
    Personally, I drive an extra 45 minutes just so I can shop at the Walmart a few towns over... better prices, selection, employees...... If you made me guess, I'd say this company will be gone for good in 5 years........JMHO

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    • I still shop there for the latest in leisure suits. Can't seem to find them anywhere else.

    • beetleruss Oct 8, 2012 6:29 PM Flag

      I don't know that I would expect to find better employees at Walmart. Their employees aren't the brightest (or most motivated) crayons in the box.

    • Oui, vous. You have learned very well, grasshopper.

    • There you go - correcting everyone's spelling again. Not like me.

      HO HO HO

    • JML
      You must be one of the greatest optimists on this board if you think S-Mart will be around in 5 years as a retailer. Strategy here is a holding company with real estate. The only value of the retail operations is to maintain the real estate control (both leases & owned properties) at no additional cost. This is being done with a drive to reach as close to fixed costs as possible. That approach only works short term though. Problem is fixed cost increases (Ex. heating & cooling cost) and you have put yourself in a year over year negative SSS spiral. At some point you have to sell assets to maintain real estate. We've just seen that Canadian credit card business sold, I would anticipate additional asset sales, likely property or leases, in the next 12 weeks.

      Remember, S-Mart could go belly up tomorrow and Eddie would have already made (I didn't say earned) his billions for himself and his fund. Further he would be hailed as a hero in the investment community for his returns & the pundits would point out that he took 2 failing retailers and kept them operating long after they had any economic justification for their continued existence.

      Also, Eddies long time real estate associates at 3rd Avenue are in the process of bailing. That should tell you that we have seen the peak in the price of S-Mart.

      How many other old line retailers do you see as vacant real estate today - Ames, Hills, Woolworth, Kresges (where did the K in Kmart come from), Montgomery Ward and dozens more. I guess Deutsche Bank wasn't around to point out the hidden value in their assets. Come to think of it, if the real estate and leases are so incredibly valuable, why are many of the properties still vacant or being used as temporary flee markets?

      More ignorant ramblings of an adelpated Bull Chip, brought to you by Cow Pie Retail Consulting. We use Cow Pie Bingo technology to help you pick your next retail location!

    • I shop there. Just bought a new dryer for $449 with free delivery and take away of your old one. Even better, it was next day delivery so I didn't have to go to the laundramat. I still like the store - I have a Kenmore Washer and Dryer, Kenmore Fridge, and Kenmore Cooktop, all have performed excellent. The dryer I replaced was 15 years old. As for the store not being around in 5 years - this company is over 120 years old, and it will be there long after you and I are gone.

    • Best public company to invest you money in since Enron.

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