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  • jsotheby60 jsotheby60 Feb 5, 2009 7:06 PM Flag

    Strong Buy Here!

    You shorrts are pathetic. Not one of you demonstrates any knowledge of how markets work over the long run. Sears's balance sheet is strong. Management is dedicated to shrinking the float which over the long run will increase shareholder value. Real estate is undervalued and cash flow is fine. Give me a break. Sears is not going bankrupt. Keep wishing, but it won't happen, though most of you small timers are only short 100 shares or whatever, so what's it matter, ya know?

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    • Do you people NOT understand the notion that markets turn positive before economic news does? Why is that so hard for some short-selling herd followers to grasp?????????????? You buy when there is blood in the street. You sell short whatever common folk are doing. And when I read common folk who think they have figured out the mystery here and can make a killing shorting this, I LOAD UP. Eddie is going to eat your shorts! ROFLMFAO.

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      • Do you really know the definition of crazy.."doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Things have changed forever, at least for a generation. It may be that markets lag economics. e.g. what just happened in that we were in a recession for probably a year before the market responded and the conservation more rational thinking will prevail in the upturn in the will respond after a period of measurable economic rebound and incrementally.

      • The thing that many don't understand is that in some measures, SHLD is doing much better RELATIVELY in respect to the other major retailers. The only major retailer posting profits now is WMT (which just copied SHLD in NOT reporting month-over-month same store sales !) I don't think that any other company can out-Walmart Walmart. But there will be some others left besides WMT after the recession. SHLD is poised to be one of those. When people finally start spending money again, SHLD should be one of the recipients.

      • "Retail stocks shrug off grim jobless data" - when you start seeing headlines like this, and charts looking better, you think they'd listen to what the market is telling them. Oh well, some people are too smart for their own good...or too stubborn to admit they were wrong and preserve some capital.

      • That'd be correct...the mkt turns before the news actually does. SHLD is better postioned than most retailers to make it through if things stay rough for longer than expected. And anything is possible but the charts are starting to look better and slowly turning. We'll see but I'm long and like I said when it was over $100, I'm on board this bus as long as Eddie is driving. Good luck longs. And not that I dislike shorts but the ones on this board seem so set in their opinions like they are holding crystal balls or something...I will say this, the right combo of good news could cause a short squeeze the likes of which few have seen or been a part of. I like the side I'm on fine thanks!!!

    • You're right, Sears isn't going bankrupt. Three years worth of declining revenues and margins would have to make a solid case for not being long, however.....the real estate here is problematic at the moment. What remains to be determined, quite simply, is if this company can retain its cash through the LONG spring and summer seasons ahead. There is virtually no chance that Sears gnerates any cash in this quarter or next. If the eoonomy recovers by the fall, they'll be OK. If not, then they'll have more than a little riding on the next Christmas season. Sears as a retailer is dead, the question is can the patient survive long enough to sell off its organs.

    • hanging around Micheal Phelps again, eh...Bloo-looo-loooo-loooo.

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