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  • america_wants_change america_wants_change Sep 18, 2009 2:18 PM Flag

    Sears Customer Service is the worst. I hope they go under

    Sears has got to be the worst when it comes to customer service. If I didn't know any better, none of their reps went to school

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    • I Agree, Just in their East Towne Store today in madison , wi. The sales rep said he had worked for sears for more than 30 years and all he could do was argue with me who wanted to buy a freezer. he was so full of himself that he could not even see the customer. I walked out and bought one at home depot instead. Just goes to show that sears does not even know how bad their reps are as they keep them around to literally drive customers away.

    • I have to agree. I purchaced 2 Sterns and Foster mattresses a refrigerator and a set of box springs from a store in Mesquite Texas. The box springs were a floor model. I was told the box springs would be sent to the central warehouse and delivered with the mattress.

      Well it is a nightmare. The mattress is coming out of Tyler Texas even though they don't sell beds. The box springs are ?? I have waited 2 weeks for this delivery.

      The delivery people called late last night to say we are delivering your mattress but, you have to call the store to get your box springs. I asked "why don't you call the store and fix it?" They said "it's your problem." In fact one lady was sooo rude she hung up on me when I asked for her name. We called back and some guy named Joe talked to my wife. He too was rude beyond belief, and told us to figure out the problem ourself. He said, "do you want the mattress or not?"

      We have called 9 different numbers this AM, always transfered to someone that is not there or cannot help. I sent an E-mail to Sears Customer Service last night, no help, no answer.

      So I agree this company does not care about service after the sale. They worry so much about the sale only with a "take it or leave it attitude" that this will be my last purchase with Sears. I have bought 10's of thousands of dollars of merchandise from Sears over the years but sadly, they have become too large to care about the little things.

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      • Finally got the salseman on the phone. He stated the floor model box spring could not be delivered because Sears changed their policy. He was not aware of the policy change. The box springs are still on the floor of the store. He said if I want them I would have to drive 100 miles up there and pick them up. If I did not want them, I could cancel the order and PAY A 15% RESTOCKING CHARGE!!! Restocking charge, they are in the same place they already were. This is what sears has become.

        I am done with Sears. Still no reply to my e-mails either.

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