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  • ajester187 ajester187 Feb 6, 2012 2:59 PM Flag

    CIT not budging

    Just got off the phone with CIT, they are not approving any orders... there was some optimism they were speaking to SHLD and they are, but they decided as of now to not approve any orders... Also, there is no credit insurance available. this company needs to get their credit repaired so vendors can not ship goods to them. Without credit they are forced to go Chapter 11...

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    • Perhaps we need to have a conversation about who, exactly, braem's audience is.

      Regarding CIT,
      I've said it before, thain and lampert were at Goldman together in the late '80s.

      Love or hate, I don't know, but,
      The CIT move (and subsequent press leak) is related to the relationship between them.

      It was either a favor for a friend or a knife in the side of a bleeding foe.

    • Not really satire. Just an experiment.

      They say never argue with an idiot, especialy on the internet.

      Yet it is easy to bait someone, even with the most ridiculous statements.

      I guess it is why pro wrestling makes money and why people follow Charlie Scheen.

    • Somehow I think satire is lost on your audience.

    • I think your mention of its should be it's. So your wrong on more than one occasion.

      My understanding is that Sears balance sheet is so strong that they can guarantee their inventory purchases and Walmart's inventory purchases.

      Don't be so smug. This company will be $200 before you can say bad grammar. Like Bruce B says, ignore the crowd. Clearly we should ignore shorties like you.

      By the way, I left out an apostrphe above (or even two)...dedicating it to you my friend.

    • This is fantasy and not accurate, SHLD cannot guarantee anything themselves. You obviously don't understand anything. Check out the CDS spreads and what their Bonds are trading at... The market is pricing in the expectation of a Chapter 11... Doesn't mean its a certainty. I actually think the stock is higher than it should be based on the likelihood of a BK... No one on this board has any inside knowledge of what SHLD can or will do. But CIT's move is a lot more important than many think and I am surprised it has not gotten more press.

    • was looking on some info on this. My store is hardly getting anything from the DC anymore...Employees asking a lot of questions. Maybe you could explain about CITI and why we need them

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      • Its not just about CIT being only 5%, its the reasons behind that. If they pull credit... the rest of the vendor financing community will too. You CIT and others like them because most vendors are just vendors... they make a product and ship it. They dont want to worry about a customers credit rating and whether they will get paid or not. Most vendors use some kind of company like CIT that buys and guarantees the receivable so the vendors have no credit risk. If SHLD goes BK it would cause most of its smaller vendors to go BK as well... So CIT acts as the guarantor and with enough smaller vendors using CIT, CIT can get direct security from SHLD that an individual vendor cannot and therefore has less risk than a vendor. The previous poster says CIT doesn't matter... and they are wrong... they are the first domino...

    • Nonsense.

      The value of the intangibles and the real estate are greater than the market cap.

      Why would CIT matter? They're only involved with 5% of the inventory.

      You seem to be one of these weird investors worried about gross margins and operating profits and cash flow. Yada Yada Yada.

      This stock is going to $200 over the next 3 years due to their real estate warchest and the monetization of their prized brand names.

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